What is the cure for heartworm disease in felines?

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A large population of clients may have a basic understanding of how heartworms affect their pets, but many do not. In the veterinary practice we might be more accustomed to being asking questions about heartworms in dogs and heartworm prevention for dogs but how often do you answer questions about heartworms in cats? By the time clients are even aware cats can get heartworm, they could be shocked to learn their cat may be positive for them, and then want to know what can be done to cure them.

How do you cure heartworm disease in cats?

A) A natural solution of milk thistle, European mistletoe, pulsatilla, balsam poplar, woody betony given by mouth.

B) An injectable drug, melarsomine (brand name Immiticide), is given to kill adult heartworms. Melarsomine kills the adult heartworms in the heart and adjacent vessels. This drug is administered in a series of injections.

C) There is no approved drug therapy for heartworm infection in cats, and the drug used to treat infections in dogs is not safe for cats. Nevertheless, cats with heartworm disease can often be helped with good veterinary care. The goal is to stabilize the cat and determine a long-term management plan.

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