What’s your diagnosis?

Put your veterinary knowledge to the test!


Photo courtesy Kendra Freeman

A three-year-old male, neutered boxer presents for vomiting.

1) What condition is present in this spine?

a) Spondylosis deformations

b) Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH)


2) This condition is characterized by:

a) Preserved intervertebral disc spaces

b) Formation of new bone along ventral longitudinal ligament for at least three vertebrae

c) Formation of pseudoarthrosis between bases of spinous processes

d) All of the above


3) The incidence of DISH is estimated to be ________________. The incidence of spondylosis deformans is estimated to be ______________.

a) 10 percent, 30 percent

b) Four percent, 18 percent

c) 20 percent, five percent

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