Canine Rabies Case In Reported In Paris

Canine rabies found in a puppy located in France.

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A positive canine rabies case in Paris, France has been found in a puppy that orginated in Morocco, announced Dr. Jean Luc Angot, chief inspector of veterinary public health and chief veterinary officer for the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries. 

A 2.5-month-old puppy adopted from Morocco July 11 was brought to France Aug. 1 without compliance with rabies health requirements, and the first signs of rabies occurred Aug. 1 or 2 and consisted of a change in behavior, Angot said. Due to a suspicion of rabies on Aug. 6, the animal was isolated and died Aug. 7.

The Institute Pasteur in Paris, a National laboratory, made the rabies-positive report Aug. 11. The last French rabies case was diagnosed May 10, 2009.

The animals in contact with the rabid puppy during the salivary excretion period include three cats, which will be euthanized. A vaccinated dog that lived in the same home is in isolation.

Humans in contact with the dog during the salivary excretion of rabies virus are under the care of health services. Anti-rabies treatment has been administered as appropriate.

Angot said he plans to submit a weekly follow-up report.


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