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Cat Gets Accidentally Shipped 260 Miles Via Post

Grove Lodge Veterinary Group in the UK, who treated Siamese cat, Cupcake, said it was one of the most extraordinary stories they had heard of.

Despite being severely dehydrated, Cupcake (right) responded well to treatment.

Facebook/Grove Lodge Veterinary Group

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Cats love boxes, no one will dispute that. But for Cupcake, a Siamese cat who lives in the Falmouth in Cornwall, England, that love of  boxes got her accidentally shipped more than 260 miles away to the town of West Sussex.

Cupcake’s owner, Julie Baggott, was sending out a package of DVDs, and didn’t realize that her cat had crawled into the box. That’s how Cupcake ended up with Ziffit Towers, the package receiver, a whole 8 days later. Towers immediately rushed Cupcake to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). The RSPCA then took Cupcake to nearest Grove Lodge Veterinary Group, who they treated her for dehydration.

Cupcake responded well to treatment, despite being “quite scared, quite nervous,” as Ben Colwell of Grove Lodge Vets told the BBC, which the ABC reported.

“[Cupcake] seems quite relaxed and unconcerned and is sitting in her kennel in our cat ward waiting for her family,” the Grove Lodge Veterinary Group wrote in their blog. They pointed out that Cupcake was microchipped and that was how they were able to find her owners. “On arrival, we scanned this gorgeous girl to check for a microchip. Everyone was delighted and even more so when we found that the contact details were up to date and we were able to contact her owners straightaway. They had been frantically searching for their beloved cat, putting up posters in the local area but not for one second realising that she had been accidentally posted to an address …  more than 260 miles away!”

Baggott and Cupcake have since been reunited. Baggott felt terrible about what happened, but called it a ‘miracle,” ABC reported, because Cupcake survived her long journey.

“This is probably one of the most extraordinary stories any of us at Grove Lodge Vets has ever heard,” Grove Lodge Vets wrote on their blog before Baggott and Cupcake were reunited. “The serious side of this incredible journey is that poor Cupcake was extremely dehydrated and has required intensive treatment to ensure she recovers fully. However, she seems quite relaxed and unconcerned and is sitting in her kennel in our cat ward waiting for her family.”

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Here's how long Cupcake's journey was, courtesy of the Plymouth Herald.

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