Companion animal health announces winner of laser therapy contest

Barbie Higginbotham is the winner of the first ever Companion Therapy Laser Technician of the Year contest

Companion Animal Health, a therapeutic laser manufacturer in Newark, Del., recently announced Barbie Higginbotham as the winner of their first-ever Companion Therapy Laser Technician of the Year contest. Higginbotham’s prize is a fully paid passage for her and a guest on the 7-night American Institute of Medical Laser Applications (AIMLA) Caribbean CE at Sea Cruise.

Companion Animal Health launched the contest for veterinary technicians in early October. The company invited them to share their laser therapy stories, with the winner decided by which story got the most votes. Higginbotham, from Chimp Haven (The National Chimpanzee Sanctuary), in Keithville, La., got more than 2,000 votes. Higginbotham, according to the company:

“Barbie has been a veterinary technician at Chimp Haven for 7 years. She has the unique opportunity to work with over 200 chimpanzees, from 4 to 57 years old. She sees a wide variety of health issues with such a large number of patients, from acute injuries to chronic conditions, and enjoys using laser therapy to speed up the healing process and minimize discomfort. Working tirelessly, Barbie ‘can be seen walking about the sanctuary with [her] handy Companion Therapy Laser unit visiting arthritic chimps who can use a little ‘pick me up.’ She says, ‘I have the greatest job in the world and the therapy laser makes it even greater!’”

For more information about Companion Animal Health at their website here.

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