Dog With Severely Injured Neck Recovering From Emergency Surgery

The Delaware County SPCA is currently asking for donations to help pay for Clover’s surgeries and recovery.

Despite what she went through, Clover is said to have a sunny disposition.

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Clover is a 6-month-old Shepherd-Pit Bull Terrier Mix. She was recently found by a property manager who saw that she had severe lacerations in her neck – to the point where she could have been decapitated. She had been tied to a banister in the home.

“It was an actual plastic coated cable, wrapped around her neck, and because it was hooked to itself, it kinked, so the hook couldn't slide. I didn't even see the problems with her neck until I bent down and I had to lift her head up,” Humane Society Police Officer Ron Riggle told ABC 6.

“The dog chewed itself off the cable; it might have taken a while, but when they got it out, it still had the remainder of the collar in its neck,” added Kenny Gee, the man who kept an eye on Clover while the property manager called for help. “It was bad; I couldn't see having a kid and a dog in that house.”

Clover was rushed to the Delaware County SPCA where she underwent emergency surgery to clean the lacerations and remove any diseased tissue. Clover will also have to undergo follow-up surgeries to repair the neck muscles that were destroyed by the cable. Kimberly Boudwin, VMD and Director of Shelter Medicine at the Delaware County SPCA, will perform the surgeries and is currently supervising Clover’s care.


Our four-leaf CLOVER found her way to us on St. Patrick's Day after being rescued by animal hero Humane Society Police…

Posted by Delaware County SPCA on Monday, March 21, 2016

The SPCA estimates that the surgeries will cost around $3,000. Those who wish to donate may do so on the Delaware County SPCA website.

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