Duty To Treat Animals Depends On State Laws

Disappointingly enough, the duty of an owner to provide medical care to a pet is entirely dependent upon state law.

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How many times have you seen a patient with a serious but treatable condition that your client just refused to treat? Have you ever felt that the lack of treatment bordered on cruelty or abuse? The law may agree with you.

Every state in the union has a statute that addresses animal cruelty. Obviously, state laws differ, but at least some of them require some level of veterinary care for animals. Others do not come out and explicitly require veterinary care, but those laws have later been interpreted to require such care by the courts.

In general, there is no duty to help others under the common law. Certain relationships create a duty of care such as that between a parent and minor child. But without some sort of state “good Samaritan” statute, one is legally allowed to walk right by a stranger bleeding to death on the sidewalk.

Similarly, one can, under the common law, ignore the distress of one’s own animal.

Any legal duty to treat an animal thus arises from state law, specifically the state cruelty statute. For example, Minnesota law states that “No person shall overdrive, overload, torture, cruelly beat, neglect, or unjustifiably injure, maim, mutilate, or kill any animal, or cruelly work any animal when it is unfit for labor, whether it belongs to that person or to another person.” 

Interestingly, for the purpose of this law, Minnesota defines an animal as “every living creature except members of the human race.” So, not just horses, dogs and cats, but rabbits, mice and, one can only assume, insects and spiders.

This statute does not explicitly state that failure to provide veterinary care is a violation, but a court could certainly construe a lack of veterinary care to fall under the term “neglect.” To the best of my knowledge, there are no published cases using this law to require veterinary care in Minnesota. However, there are some cases in other states that have addressed just this issue.

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In Texas, for example, a woman was prosecuted and convicted under the state cruelty law for failing to treat a dog with a severe dermatological condition. The relevant Texas law states, “A person commits an offense if the person intentionally or knowingly: fails unreasonably to provide necessary food, water, or care for an animal in the person's custody.”

The court interpreted “care” to include veterinary care. In spite of the fact that the woman attempted to treat the dog herself with homemade sulfur dips, was living on $400 a month Social Security benefits and had no means to transport the dog to the veterinarian’s office, the court still held that she had a legal duty to provide veterinary care for the dog.

In New York, however, a court came to a very different conclusion. The applicable New York law states, “A person who…deprives any animal of necessary sustenance, food or drink, or neglects or refuses to furnish it such sustenance or drink…is guilty of a class A misdemeanor.”

Using this law, a case was brought against a man who refused to address his dog’s very large mammary tumor. The owner told an investigator that he was not providing medical care for the dog due to his limited finances and his personal views on treatment for cancer. In this case, the court ruled in the owner’s favor, stating that the anticruelty statute was too vague to allow the public to know specifically what level of veterinary care was required for their animals.

The court grappled with the very real question of what level of care is sufficient to avoid prosecution. Did the owner have to have the tumor removed? Did he have to provide chemotherapy or radiation therapy if those were warranted? Would he open himself to prosecution if he did too much and the dog suffered as a result? Would he be required by law to spend more money than he had in order to treat his dog?

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In the end, the court did what courts often do and suggested that this was a question better left to the state legislature.

“If we, as a society, have arrived at the point where we feel that the provision of medical care to alleviate or avoid pain and suffering is a duty undertaken by pet owners toward their pets,” the court said, “and that failure to fulfill this duty should be a crime, it is incumbent upon our Legislature to enact a provision that clearly sets the standard for—and gives notice of—the proscribed conduct.”

This uncertainty of where the lowest level of acceptable care lies is precisely the problem that we as a society face in this sort of case. It is very easy to say that owners have a duty to provide veterinary care for their pets. However, it is not so easy to create a law that encompasses all the potential situations in which an owner and a pet might find themselves.

Is routine care enough? Or must one provide advanced care such as chemotherapy? Who gets to decide? Does it matter that an owner legitimately cannot afford care? Should we require some sort of assurance that an owner can afford at least the minimum level of health care before he is allowed to own a pet?

We have all been in the situation where the client driving the Mercedes and wearing expensive clothes tells us she is unwilling to pay for lifesaving treatment for her pet. In this case it might be easy to judge that the client has a legal duty to provide that treatment.

But what of the 80-year-old widow who desperately wants to but cannot afford care for her only companion, a geriatric cat with cancer? Should she also be required to provide that care?

Courts can and do make these sorts of decisions when medical care for a child is involved. To my mind, it is an open question whether they should do so when the patient is a pet.

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16 thoughts on “Duty To Treat Animals Depends On State Laws

  1. my cat got hit by a car- dislocated his leg. the vet gave me two options 1.$3800 to surgically repair leg. 2. $2200 to amputate his leg. i didnt go with either of them and they made me wait 2.5 hours to discharge him from animal hospital at price of $400. 4 weeks later no surgery, he has regained mobility and almost back to normal. i have taken him to a chiropracturer who has been shifting his leg slowly back into place which will get him back to normal after 6-8 weeks at a total cost of about $250 5-6 sessions. The vets/ankmal hospitals wanted me to cut his leg off so they could make $2200 and leave the cat without a leg- wtf. i am glad i didnt waste the money and will never listen to another corrupt veternarian again. i do not believe dogs should have to suffer through chemotherapy- please dont make them suffer through cancer and watch old yeller again because it is the right thing to do and respectfully humane. it is all a scam. the vets are trained to use your emotional attachment (right side of your brain) to make monetary decisions because we decide on our emotions and not what is best for our wallets or our animals. It was sad to see people that attached to their pets to see people waste $10,000 on a pet that is going to die or maybe not even need surgery. i would be curious to see an investigation where some of these animals may not even be as sick as your vet is saying they are and are completely scamming people out of their hard earned money.

    1. You always have the right to a second opinion.Its sad you paint a profession with personal views on one encounter. I feel sorry for your animals that one day may need perfectly treatable conditions and you have become a vet hater. There are always options. People don’t always choose the right ones and are deaf to others. Our staff were ALWAYS aware of clients wishes and limitations and try to work within them to the best interests of the animals. I am willing to bet you came in the front door with a hostile attitude, you get what you give. You should try another practice more in line with your expectations, Like Dr. Pol of course.

      1. I don’t feel that this gentleman is necessarily basing his opinion on one experience. He is merely decribing a particular incident, and I have certainly experienced similar things. My vet at one point was a neighbor, and I remembering bringing an egg bound patakeet to her on a Saturday only to be turned away by her partner and told that she was in the shower. I had plenty of money at the time and would have paid any amount. The parakeet died and I remember calling her to read ther the Hippocratic oath over the phone later that day. Eventually, I learned to deal with egg bound parakeets myself. This experiece was long ago. We are still friends and I would like to think that this experience changed her. It changed me for sure and since then I have encountered many greedy vets who have not really helped me when I needed the help, and did not seem to care about my pets especially when they were livestock. Of course, there are great, stellar vets out there, but they are extremely hard to find especially in rural areas. They have become just as bad a doctors, in my opinion, more interested in upselling you that healing. I am old but returned to college to receive a BS in Integrative Health, and this has helped me in becoming a lot more more careful about who I choose to treat my animals now.

    2. I agree. These vets have no high-tech equipment but their prices are higher than medicine for a human being. I personally can get a CAT scan for $285 and that is with the radiologist reading but my cat can not get a CAT scan no pun intended for under $2,200. I have taken my cat to an emergency hospital and it is $500 for the visit and they want the money up front and all they do is give her IV fluids and an entire bag of that would be only $2.00. Even in a human ER you have trained nurses and doctors, ultrasound techs all kinds of high-tech equipment and lab but the animal emergency room has nothing more than an x-ray machine and not even a radiologist to read it. There are no nurses only techs… it is a real scam. For 5 days all they did was watch my cat and give her IV fluids I finally asked them to cut her open and they told me she might die and I said she’s going to die anyway and sure enough she had an abscess from her neck all the way down to her private area which they removed and she was better and still lives today. But they had no ultrasound to see this abscess but she did have a drain in her from the previous non emergency veterinarian who by the way first diagnosed her with a digestive problem and sold me a box of very expensive food. But when I got my cat home and put her on a white towel that is when I saw the drainage and smelled that distinctive abscess smell. When I took her back they were embarrassed and threw a drain in but apparently her abscess was a lot bigger then a little drain can handle. Anyway this drain should have alerted the emergency veterinarian that there was an abscess problems, not a dehydration problem. But the really high tech hospitals prey on people the most. They never let you see them exam in your pets have you ever noticed that they leave you in the exam room and then with your pet away and then come back with a big fat bill. They say you’re not allowed to go back and watch your animal be examined because I’m not sure it’s a room that they takes animals into. When I was a kid we had a really great that and it wasn’t that expensive. Somehow corporate medicine has gotten involved in Veterinary Care. The vet I went to the other day was not there the next day and I was shocked to find out the veterinarians are nothing more than 1099 contract workers and have no investment other than there hourly wage in the clinic itself. This leaves the corporations to run the actual veterinarian clinics and that is the problem. Just exactly like in human medicine the corporations have run up the prices for everyone and most of the people that work there or not even medical personnel they are Administration people counting the money

  2. So i took my 1 and1/2 year old Chihuahua Kylo to the emergency vet hospital to get checked i knew she was hurting and knew i was too emotionally envolved to make a diagnosis on my own even though i have taken care of many dogs through the heaven can wait program. Once there they looked at my sick puppy and i heard the worst words come out of the drs. Mouth…I THINK ITS PARVO. SO HOW ARE U GONNA PAY. ITOLD THEM I WOULD NEED TO GO HOME TO GRAB MY CHECKBOOK COULD THEY TLEAST START TREATMENT… THEY SAID NO AND ILL HAVE TO TAKE MY DOG AND BRING HER BACK…. I KNEW I WAS PUTTING MY DOG IN HER CARRIER FOR THE LAST TIME ALIVE. HER HEALTH DETERIORATED FAST. SHE NEVER MADE IT HOME. I couldn’t believe they could watch me leave with her knowing they could have helped. It was devastating. I live in Nevada can they just refuse treatment here? Please help.

  3. I took my Bella into the vet (Pioneer Animal Clinic) as the vet previously mentioned that she could have allergies and wanted to do a blood test so we did this on March 29th. The vet said she would call me when the results came back, which she did a week later and left a voice mail as I wasn’t at home. She said if I had any questions to call her when I got the message so we can discuss a treatment plan. She was with a client so I left a message for her to call me back. On April 16th I still have not heard from her so I called and was told she was busy and I left a message for her to please return my call. On April 18th I called again and was told busy so left another message to call me, I want to discuss a treatment plan. On April 20th, I called again and left another message to return my call. On April 25th, I stopped by the vets office and asked to speak to the vet and was told she was out off the office. I told the receptionist that I have called several times and I have yet to get a call back and was getting getting the feeling I was being ignore and getting upset about it. I then later got a call at home and was told it would be better to make an appointment to come in and see her (the vet), so I made an appointment for a couple days later. On April 27th I met with Dr. Heath. She explained that I could give Bella shots or drops. She said I would have to give either one, once a day. I declined the shots and opted for the drops. She explained the dosage and that we would see how they would work and I may or may not have to continue with them the whole five months. I asked costt and she told me around $180.. I told her I couldn’t afford that and she said that if she ordered them that day I would get a discount that woulld bring the cost for the first batch to about $120. and the next time would be full price. I said okay order them and she said they should take 3 to 7 days to get them and she would call when the came in. All set and waited for the call. On May 11th I call the v ets office to find out the status of the drops. I was told they did not see anything regarding drops for Bella. She said she would do more checking and call me back. I did not get a call back so on May 14th I called again and was told the same thing. Then was put on hold for 5 minutes while who ever answered the phone went to check further. When someone came back on the phone it was another vet and was told Dr. Heath was on vacation and she would try to get hold of her and find out what is going with the drops and she would call me back. On May 17th, I called again to see what was found out because never received a call back and was told that the drops were ordered but the company failed to ship them and I would get a call when they came in. That raised a red flag along with no return phone calls. Finally on May 21st I got a call saying the drops were in and I can pick them up anytimes. I went in today May 23rd to get the drops and was told they came to $199.00. I told her that was not what I was quoted and she said she would go check with Dr. Heath. When she came back she said the vet told her she didn’t know anything about a discount. I told her I will pay what I was quoted and that was all. She said her office manager was at lunch so she couldn’t get her and said she needed the whole amount and I told her I wasn’t taking them and I walked out. A couple hours later I called the vets office to speak to the Office manager. The girl (ray) said the office manager was getting ready to leave and could she help me. I stated I really needed to talk to the office manager and she said the office manager was leaving and she woould be taking over her duties for the rest of the day and could she help me, I then asked to talk to an owner and she said could she help me so at that point I told her the same thing I have stated here and she said that they never know how much meds are going to cost until they get her so I asked why was I quoted the orignal cost and then a cost with the discount. She repeated that they don’t give quotes and maybe the vet was estimating costs and I told her the vet should never quote prices if that is the case and that I can’t afford the full price. Shy (ray) said what we need for you to do is come in an pick up the drops and pay for them. I explained again that I don’t and can’t and won’t pay the full amount when I was quoted a different price, so she can throw them away or send back that I won’t be in to get. She got nasty and said they can’t send them back because they were made specfie for Bella and told me I will have to pay for them. I told her I understood they were specifically for Bella but I can’t afford them therefore I won’t pick them up. She told me they will send me a bill and would have to pay that bill. I then told her to go ahead that I wasn’t paying it no matter how many bills they sent me. She kept saying I will pay and finally I told her that I would have to get a attorney and that I would be taking my business elsewhere and she said fine and I hung up.

  4. Wow, what a nightmare. You were right not to fall for their extortion. A lot of vets use people medicine and they read bottle it and charge you hundreds more. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told them not to give my cat Pediatric medication because she hate anything sweet. But here they come with that bottle of sugary sweets bubble gum flavored pediatric medication. That’s how lazy they are. It’s not even medication for animals they don’t care whether this animal likes it or not and all they do is charge you hundreds of dollars more for something you could have gotten for $10 at the pharmacy yourself. That would be like giving a pediatric patient some fish flavored cough syrup and charging the parents $200 more Thor veterinarian medicine which they pulled the label off and put their own pediatric label on it and tell you they had to special order it. I don’t know what has happened to veterinarians but they all seem to be the same way now they’re just a bunch of scam artists and they seem not to know very much veterinary medicine.
    If your pet has an infection you can try people amoxicillin. The dose is 10 mg per pound every 12 hours for 10 days. The easiest way is to give it to your pet and liquid form that way they can spit it out. You can go to the pharmacy and ask them for an empty dropper bottle usually they are about 20 Ml. The Dropper itself may only be 1 ml. So get you a cup of water and measure 20 dropper fold and put them in the bottle now you have 20 mL of water in the 20 ml bottle. It’s easier if you have an amoxicillin capsule because you can just open the capsule and pour it into the bottle but if you have a pill just grinded up to a powder and then pour it into the bottle. Remember to always shake it up before you draw up any medicine into the dropper as it will tend to settle to the bottom. This is good in the refrigerator for 10 days. Throw it away after 10 days. If your amoxicillin is 250 mg per tablet then grind up to tablets and pour it into the bottle. if it is 500 mg then put only one in the bottle. Now you know there are 20 mls of liquid amoxicillin in the bottle. 500 mg of amoxicillin into 20 mL of water equals 25 mg of amoxicillin per ml. Speedos for your dog or cat is 10mg per pound. So if your dog or cat weighs 13 lb multiply that times 10 and that is 130 mg of amoxicillin necessary for the dose…so if each ml is now equal to 25mg of amoxicillin then you would take the daily dose of 130 mg / 25 mg and it will come out to 5.2 milliliters. In other words each milliliter now has 25 mg of amoxicillin in it, so it takes 5.2 Ml in your pet’s mouth to give them their dose of 130 mg and give them 5.2 ml every 12 hours and do this for 10 days. There are lots of other antibiotics your pet can take like for skin, upper respiratory or urinary tract infections, or Levaquin for upper respiratory infections or Tobramycin eye drops for their eye infections. There are also antibiotics that are for animal only you will need a prescription form your veterinarian but they are cheaper if you order them online with that prescription. You are vet will try to talk you out of that because they want to talk on their own price on top of the antibiotic when they hand it to you after they order it online.
    I am by no means anti veterinarian. In fact I am a people doctor but I am old school and medicine was never supposed to be a calling for those who have a higher calling to be filthy rich at the expense of another’s pain and suffering. Most people’s pets are literally their best friend it is sad to see your best friend suffer because you cannot afford to take them to the vet and then pay the high price of the medicine too. These antibiotics have been around for years they used to be two to three dollars for a 10-day Supply now they are over $100. Medicine has become so unaffordable for the average person even with insurance it’s unaffordable. Most veterinarian clinics are not even owned by a veterinarian they are just like hospitals they are owned by a corporation and the veterinarians only get an hourly rate and they have no say so in anything and in fact they can lose their job by not following policy to make you come in for every tiny thing just so they can charge you an office visit. The doctor does not reap the benefits of all this money so I’m not judging them. And just like people medicine putting the government in charge is definitely not the solution that is what made things even more expensive. The solution is to take government out and therefore reduce the cost by reducing all the regulations and allowing the customer to decide whether they want to go to a place which is highly regulated and therefore more expensive or go to there doctor or veterinarian do you know their medicine but cannot afford to buy all of the electronic hardware and software which nowadays are a government requirement. There are also regulations which the many middle man have made up to make sure the regulation they have lobbied for which allows them to keep their jobs and stay involved, therefore they work to make sure the regulations stay in effect. Medicine used to be between two people the doctor and the patient, and they decided what the bill would be and what type of payment would be accepted. Sometimes it was a trade or medical care intrade for so many eggs from the patient chickens or $10 a month until the bill was paid. Because most doctors do not work for themselves anymore or they must pay the heavy cost of all the regulations put upon them to run an office, they are not allowed to extend this type of payment plan anymore. In fact they can find themselves swiftly kicked out of the clinic and unemployed if a patient writes a complaint stating “they were not friendly.” A patient may perceive them to be unfriendly because they are being rushed out the door. They are being rushed out the door because the doctor has been told they will see a patient every 20 minutes and if not they are fired. That is Corporate medicine. So if your pet is sick and you have some people antibiotics and you cannot afford the high price of medical care for your animal use the above calculation.
    Is that guy took my cat to the vet for a UTI and he gave her a Veterinary form of amoxicillin. I gave it to her but after watching her unable to urinate for an entire day I could not take the suffering anymore. It was the weekend they were not available to write her another antibiotic since this one was not working. I had some azithromycin of my own and I looked up the appropriate dose online and found it was not water soluble so I cut the pill into the appropriate number of little blocks and gave her the appropriate dose period within two doses she was able to urinate. This did help her suffering and she also did not die because she was unable to pee but the underlying cause was really stones in her bladder which he ultimately had to have 8 major abdominal surgery to remove the stones out of her bladder. That was two years ago and she is a happy little cat today and has never had another UTI either and my veterinarian who did the surgery was fantastic. She did not own the clinic and the cost of the surgery was over $4,000 but the thing that got me the most was they did not send her urine off for a culture and sensitivity to see what exactly was the real bacteria causing this problem. Personally I thought it was malpractice but the vet had no control over whether the clinic under corporate management would send off the specimen.

    1. For a “people doctor” you are grossly misinformed. Im not sure which veterinary hospitals you have visited but almost all (save for some small privately owned general practices) if not most animal hospitals have nurses, radiologist, cardiologist, anesthesiologist, oncologist, opthomologist and surgeons just to name a few. The techs that you mentioned in your previous post are actually the nurses that you seem to think we dont have. Techs are paid less for the same or a even heavier workload than most nurses. You claim not to be “anti-veterinarian” but you seem to be just that.

  5. I talk to vet my dog wadieing of mask cell tomorrow cancer not a thing they could do so I took him home for few days to spend time before I had to put him to sleep was on weekend called after hours also calLed more vets. I told them what’s was. What was going on and I needed to have him put down on Sat day he Carly made it .. office ho to vet I get there he was laying in vet floor during in his pain while I was watching they told me couldn’t help me. I beg them walk away. Took him to new vet to late to put him down the fud on the scales . In pain .. they treat Ed me like trash and it’s not over all I wanted put him out of his pain

    1. I am so sorry for your nightmare treatment i know there are lawyers that would love nothing more than to take your case please report them to the board of veterinary medicine and name the office and the people you spoke to it is best if you write it all down first and then have that notepad with a chronological order of what happened my dog was ill and i called so and so this person urged me to bring dog in and my dog wss so ill i carried him to the car and once at the office arrived at ? Am/pm without assistance i carried my dog inside i waited 45 minutes again told by so and so where i was told to carry him to weigh him first as my dog was in pain this staff member watched me struggle both emotionally and physically and the serious severity of pain my dog experienced at my most gentle touch felt like i was failing him and suddenly so and so this person stated i must leave immediately i begged them i was distraught and in great mental anguish my mental stability now my emotional stability under great distress and out of nowhere now i was being emotionally battered and verbally abused by the very people i trusted and it took its toll on me physically this was a private moment of suffering for us both and the negligent and horrific lack of empathy lavk of professionalism and complete disregard for reasonable care and medical attention to us both at that point was the most degrading humiliating devastating harrowing abusive cruel cold sadistic experiences ive ever experienced to be abused in a crowded lobby .to be abused during the most gut wrenching moments me on my knees begginh for them to help my dog to please help me but to ask me to take my dog and leave is against the board of veterinary medicine in every single state and there is also consumer affairs as well as better business bureau also yelp it..when you list the vets office and put in your comment you get to rate them and tell the public what they did to your dog and to you. Abusing someone during a devastation is unthinkably cruel especially when this is their specialty also it is considered animal abuse cruel inhumane treament of a suffering animal and failure to provide reasonable medical treatment including euthanasia or at the very least pain medications or sedatives is an act of abuse and is a violation of the terms of consent committment the office will be closed while they do an investigation.through consumer affairs also call the aspca ….

  6. I have had both good and bad experiences with different veterinarians. I once had a cat develop kidney stones which blocked resulted in a block urethra and I had to take him to an unfamiliar vet due to where we were located at the time- I went in with my roommate at the time whose vet it was. I admit, I was freaking out because I didn’t know what was wrong and unfortunately I believe that the vet involved took advantage of that. She insisted that she couldn’t treat Charlie without a $400 deposit- I didn’t have the money as payday was still 4 days away and I had just paid rent(yes, this while I was still in school) so I ended up having to take a loan from my roommate. The vet FINALLY cathetered him to relieve the pressure and said that he would have to stay at least overnight for IV fluids and observation. 2 days later, she told me that something else was wrong and that it was too late to do anything else. She then told me that I should be there when they put him to sleep and I got to see her mess up putting my cat down and hear him cry in pain and struggle. She then proceeded to charge me an additional $300 after originally telling me that the $400 would be enough to cover everything that would come up. Unfortunately, I don’t think this experience is limited to only this vet practice in that city- money seems to be more important than the animal’s well being.
    On the other hand- my current vet practice and the one that, after Charlie, I made sure that even if it was a 2 hour drive- I’d call them first is the best vet I’ve ever worked with. I have since moved closer to them and they are the only vets my family really works with any more. I had a cat that had a genetic condition that I worked with them over the course of 2 years when he was going down hill and they tried different treatments that helped and in the end we knew it was just a matter of time but they made it so Ox wasn’t suffering and had a good last 2 years. When the end came, they were right there with me and made it a calm and peaceful passing. Not only with my cat, though, when my brother’s dog was a pup and played in his tackle box and got a hook through her face at 1030pm on a Sunday night- he called the local vet and got told that because she was a pitt mix (3 months old even)that there would be a $150 dollar fee just to see her- not including any treatment and that it would be at least an hour before anyone would be at the office to see her. He called our current vet which is about 15-20 minutes away and was told bring her in and the vet would be there when they got there- sure enough he was there. He anesthetized her, removed the hook, medicated her and gave my brother a bill for $30. He didn’t care what kind of dog it was or how late it was or that it was a weekend- he came in and helped an animal in distress. That is why they are the only vets we work with and will travel to bring them our business.
    There are good and bad vet practices out there and sometimes it just takes some searching to find one that will work with you and cares as much for your animals as you do. I wish everyone could find one like ours.

  7. Right now I’m watching my dog of 7 years dying at home. She has puppies stuck and needs a c-section I don’t qualify for care credit or any other credit for that matter and I get my deposit on Monday literally a couple days away and none of the 5 clinics I went to will accept a deposit plus a post dates check or my credit card number to run first things Monday morning. Instead they all turned her away and now I’m watching her die at home. The money has become the priority and the animals second. Vets are heartless people

    1. So…let me see if I have this correct Marcelina Fraticelli.

      You are poor enough to be living paycheck/benefit to paycheck/benefit but didn’t bother to get a low cost or no cost spay, depending on just HOW poor, of your precious puppy when she was an actual puppy age-wise you love so much. You know, the surgery that would have insured you were never in this position to begin with.

      Then you failed to keep her away from an intact male dog (or two, or three) one of the 1-2 times a year she could get pregnant.

      When she did fall pregnant, you didn’t elect to get that spay better later than never to to the right thing and not allow puppies to be born into poverty with uncertain futures that the statistics say end more often than not at the end of a needle in an animal shelter.

      Instead you decided to let the pregnancy continue but you didn’t do any prenatal care, which would have more often than not picked up the dystocia risk before labor so you had time to plan for it.

      And when she did go into labor and become dystocic, you didn’t surrender her to the local shelter or humane society. Or elect for a quick and painless humane euthanasia.

      No, you decided you’d show them all by letting your dog die a horrible death at home from septicemia due to the dead puppies while posting about it on your smart phone or computer with internet connection.

      There are ALWAYS options; you were just too selfish to pick the one that did not benefit you directly and instead used what time you had left with your dog, not to be with her, but to whinge online.

      Got it. Bravo.

    2. So…let me see if I have this correct Marcelina Fraticelli.

      You are poor enough to be living paycheck/benefit to paycheck/benefit but didn’t bother to get a low cost or no cost spay, depending on just HOW poor, of your precious puppy when she was an actual puppy age-wise you love so much. You know, the surgery that would have insured you were never in this position to begin with.

      Then you failed to keep her away from an intact male dog (or two, or three) one of the 1-2 times a year she could get pregnant.

      When she did fall pregnant, you didn’t elect to get that spay better later than never to to the right thing and not allow puppies to be born into poverty with uncertain futures that the statistics say end more often than not at the end of a needle in an animal shelter.

      Instead you decided to let the pregnancy continue but you didn’t do any prenatal care, which would have more often than not picked up the dystocia risk before labor so you had time to plan for it.

      And when she did go into labor and become dystocic, you didn’t surrender her to the local shelter or humane society. Or elect for a quick and painless humane euthanasia.

      No, you decided you’d show them all by letting your dog die a horrible death at home from septicemia due to the dead puppies while posting about it on your smart phone or computer with internet connection.

      There are ALWAYS options; you were just too selfish to pick the one that did not benefit you directly and instead used what time you had left with your dog, not to be with her, but to whinge online.

      Got it. Bravo.

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