Fort Dodge Donates Supplies To Hurricane-Stricken Cattle

Fort Dodge Animal Health are donating medication to Florida State Emergency Operation Center.

Tim Belyk

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In an effort to help diary cattle and producers hit hard by Florida's hurricane season, Fort Dodge Animal Health of Overland Park, Kan., donated medicine and disinfectant to the Florida State Emergency Operations Center.

The state has seen many cows and calves become ill following the storms, as standing water has sparked bacteria and disease outbreaks, the company reported.

"To help meet the diverse healthcare needs of these animals, Fort Dodge is making a sizable donation of product to the Emergency Operations Center disaster team in Florida," said Brent Standridge, the company's senior vice president of North America sales and marketing. "We feel it is our responsibility–our mission–to reach out and help meet the tremendous needs of these animals that have suffered as a result of the storms."

The donation includes antibiotics, an anti-inflammatory drug, antihistamines, disinfectant and treatments for bovine mastitis infections.

"With so many dairy operations affected by the storms, the need for medicine and supplies was overwhelming," said Dr. Greg Christy of the emergency operations center. With the support of companies like Fort Dodge, we've been able to help provide the appropriate medical care."

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