Garfield Joins Fight Against Feline Kidney Disease

Fight against feline kidney disease using Garfield as sponsor.

A campaign was launched today to educate cat owners about the risk of chronic kidney disease their aging pets may face.

An animated video featuring the cartoon character Garfield and an educational website were developed to help pet owners understand the importance of caring for cats as they reach the typical middle age of 7.

The website features a range of cat care tools including Renalzin, a dietary supplement by Bayer Healthcare AG, and free downloadable advice. The video is licensed by Paws Inc. and features Garfield in the midst of a midlife crisis.

Kidney disease is common but often an unseen health problem for cats, especially those 7 or older. One in three has the disease by age 10.

“Middle-aged cats may be suffering from gradual, irreversible kidney damage even if they don’t show any signs of the disease,” says Sarah Caney, BVSc, Ph.D., Dipl. SAM (Feline), the CEO of Cat Professional Ltd. “If your cat is 7 years of age or over, ask your veterinarian about screening for kidney disease. The tests are simple, and the earlier kidney disease is detected, the better supporting treatments such as Renalzin [may] help to limit the damage done by the disease.”

Renalzin claims to help protect feline kidneys from further damage. The paste binds to phosphate and may be added to wet or dry food once or twice a day. It has a neutral taste and is odorless.

“Controlling phosphate levels is an important part of managing kidney disease,” Caney says. “Renalzin is an effective and convenient way to lower phosphate levels and protect cats’ kidneys from further damage from the disease. Successful control of phosphate levels has been shown to improve quality and length of life for cats with kidney disease.”

Garfield’s midlife crisis can be viewed at

Visit for cat owner education on kidney disease and the steps to prevent and manage it.


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