Green Sea Turtle Undergoes Surgery at Perth Zoo

The endangered turtle had to have two Fibropapilloma lesions removed from her neck.

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A Green Sea Turtle at the Perth Zoo in Australia is undergoing surgery to remove two Fibropapilloma lesions that are on her neck.

“They are a benign growth which is caused by the herpes virus which is specific for sea turtles,” Perth Zoo Veterinarian Katja Geschke told The Western Australian.

The turtle was found in March at Rottnest Island, an island off the western coast of Australia. She was in poor condition, so she was eventually taken to Perth Zoo, and then the Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre. There, she was nursed back to health until she could have surgery. 

After her surgery, the Green Seat Turtle will spend a couple more days at Perth Zoo before going back to the Centre. Once there, she'll undergo rehabiliation until she is fit to return to the wild. 

While a turtle often seen in Western Australian waters, Green Sea Turtles are endangered.

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