How to distinguish your vet practice to attract clients

Four marketing tips for your veterinary practice to try

Your clinic’s 2017 veterinary marketing plan should be well underway, but if your strategies are flat, here are four unique ways to get back on track.

Hype Unique Days

From Drinking Straw Day on Jan. 3 to Bicarbonate of Soda Day on Dec. 30, holidays and celebrations can generate buzz for your clinic.

For example, World Veterinary Day on April 29 is perfect for highlighting the importance of veterinary care to social media followers and email contacts. During May’s National Pet Week, feature a patient-per-day on your clinic’s Facebook page or host a daily contest on social media and in your clinic.

Download a 12-month calendar of unique holidays at the Veterinary Hospitals Association’s blog page.

Do Facebook Live

From feeding time to introducing patients (with owner permission) to discussing the importance of regular preventive care—Facebook Live gives followers a unique look into your clinic.

Here’s how to make your sessions successful:

  • Promote ahead of time or broadcast on a schedule so people know when to tune in.
  • Develop a script to save time and prevent awkward silence.
  • Create a personable experience; talk to the camera like you’re talking to an existing client.
  • Solicit questions or comments, and respond in real time.
  • Post the video to your Facebook page after streaming. Thank those who tuned in, advertise the next broadcast and ask for feedback.

Co-promote to Success

Cut marketing costs and gain access to more people by partnering with local businesses. Offer a complimentary exam to new pet owners who adopt from a local shelter. Partner with a local kennel to display business cards at each other’s locations. Give a local dog walker 10 percent discount coupons to give to clients to drive business your way. Cohost events, drives, radio advertisements and more.

Improve Your Website

Incomplete, broken or outdated web pages don’t instill confidence in potential clients. Review, update and maintain your site for that all-important first impression.

Stephanie Duncan is communications coordinator at the Veterinary Hospitals Association in South St. Paul, Minn.

Originally published in the April 2017 issue of Veterinary Practice News. Did you enjoy this article? Then subscribe today! 

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