Is a Work/Life Balance Possible?

Why you should make time for the “life” part of the work/life balance.

A "work/life" balance is possible ... If you make the time.


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So this whole concept of “work/life balance” is a popular topic these days. Lots of people talk about it, or write articles and books on the subject. A lot of us have tried to learn how to do this balancing act, but it never seems to stick. Usually when they talk about spending time on our own personal pursuits, we just shake our heads and say, “I don’t have the time.” So, they tell us to MAKE the time. 

It’s funny. You never know how busy you are until you are really forced to fit something else into your schedule. Be I was a parent, I thought I was busy … yeah, right, in comparison, I was NOT that busy. Then I added going to school online to my life, with a young child at home, and THEN I was busy. Then I started a nonprofit organization … THEN, I was REALLY busy! So when they say you have to make time, you usually do really HAVE the time, you just have to believe strongly enough in using that time toward your own endeavors, those personal pursuits that may energize you, recharge your batteries, and take care for yourself for a change.

This is on my mind today because tonight, I take my first jewelry-making class with our local tech college.  I have made jewelry, off and on, for many, many years now.  I put it aside for quite a while, and have enjoyed getting back to it over the last eight months or so. Then I heard of painting classes at the tech college, and decided to check out their catalog.  Well, lo and behold, jewelry making was in there too!  I have also decided to try to sell some of my jewelry, because while I love to make it, I just simply don’t need this much jewelry for just myself.  Plus, if I can make even enough money to keep buying beads, then I will consider it a success.  It just so happens that this class is going to discuss how to turn this hobby into a money-making proposition … perfect!

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But, my daughter needs my help with an essay tonight, so I should be doing that. Her school’s open house (i.e., meet the teachers) is tonight, so I really should be doing that, too. But alas, and maybe because I had to pay a bit for the class (just $56), I am committed to going to this class tonight. I feel guilty … in a way.  But I also feel a sense of freedom. There is a tiny little voice in my ear that says, “you deserve this time to yourself.” I am hoping that the volume of this tiny voice continues to be loud enough to ward off any excuses that might come up next week, or the week after, so that I can give myself the enjoyment of these classes.  Maybe I’ll even make something to sell!

So make the time, keep the commitment, and know that you deserve to have a life out of the veterinary clinic… so go and get a life!

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