A Humerus Puzzle

Test your knowledge with the January 2018 Brain Teaser


  1. Lytic lesion in the left humerus – possible osteosarcoma.
  2. Take a bone biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.
  3. Take a lateral radiograph (see picture) which would have shown a complete fracture of the humerus. Therefore, amputation (and a biopsy) would likely be the next step, as opposed to only a biopsy. Of course, thoracic radiographs are also in order. Morale of the story: there is no such thing as 1 view.

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2 thoughts on “A Humerus Puzzle

  1. Get a lateral x-ray view of the humerus. It appears to a fracture of the humerus. Evaluate possible soft tissue damage to nerves of the affected limb and damage to the lungs.

  2. There is a lytic area in the proximal humerus. Suspect that this is a pathologic fracture. Probably secondary to OSA or other neoplasm in this location, large breed dog, of this age. Biopsy to confirm. Radiograph thorax, assess regional LN for metastasis.