A Humerus Puzzle

Test your knowledge with the January 2018 Brain Teaser

Radiograph of an 11 year old male Labrador.


  1. What’s your presumptive diagnosis?
  2. How would you confirm your suspicion?
  3. What else should you do?
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2 thoughts on “A Humerus Puzzle

  1. Get a lateral x-ray view of the humerus. It appears to a fracture of the humerus. Evaluate possible soft tissue damage to nerves of the affected limb and damage to the lungs.

  2. There is a lytic area in the proximal humerus. Suspect that this is a pathologic fracture. Probably secondary to OSA or other neoplasm in this location, large breed dog, of this age. Biopsy to confirm. Radiograph thorax, assess regional LN for metastasis.