Kibow, Vetoquinol Expand Azodyl Pact

Kibow Biotech and Vetoquinol S.A. have announced an exclusive licensing and marketing agreement for Kibow Biotics.

Kibow Biotech Inc. of Philadelphia and Vetoquinol S.A. of Paris signed an exclusive world-wide licensing and marketing agreement for Kibow Biotics, marketed as Azodyl. Vetoquinol had acquired U.S. and Canadian marketing rights of the product for veterinary applications, marketed as Azodyl, in June 2006.

“This is an outstanding opportunity for us to reinforce our presence in the field of cardio-nephrology, one of our key strategic domains of development,” said Chrisitian Schivrel, group director for business development for Vetoquinol.

The microbial, probiotic supplement is formulated for the reduction of azotemia in dogs and cats with renal failure. Kibow reports the product has been shown to reduce the nitrogenous uremic toxin buildup, and thereby may prevent further kidney damage.


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