Mare Ovulation Drug Gets FDA Approval

FDA approves mare ovulation drug.

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Thorn BioScience, a subsidiary of CreoSalus Inc., has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for its SucroMate Equine, indicated to regulate ovulation in mares. The injection increases the likelihood of conception during breeding for both natural bred and artificially inseminated horses, according to the Louisville, Ky.-based company.

It is the first FDA approved drug of its kind developed and manufactured in Kentucky, the company noted. SucroMate will be manufactured in CreoSalus’ Class 5 aseptic clean room under the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Process.

“Over a decade of research and development has been devoted to develop a platform technology that delivers peptides on a sustained release,” said company co-founder Barry Simon, DVM. “SucroMate Equine is the first application of the technology. SucroMate Equine delivers a stable, sterile and consistent dosage of deslorelin for mare ovulation.”

The new product also means that horsemen will not have to rely on compounded products that may not meet specifications or work properly, Dr. Simon added.

A national distribution agreement has been signed with Canadian-based Bioniche Life Sciences, which has an animal health division specializing in animal reproduction.

SucroMate Equine is expected to be available for veterinarians through distributors at the start of the 2011 breeding season in February.

With up to 300,000 mares bred annually, the market prospects for the drug are strong, said Jim Phillips, president of Bioniche Animal Health.
SucroMate Porcine, designed to regulate the ovulation in sows, is under development.


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