MediVet-America Opens A Lab Service In Kentucky

MediVet Lab services has been opened in Lexington Kentucky, as announced by MediVet-America.

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MediVet-America, a developer of stem cell regenerative therapy in Nicholasville, Ky., reported today that it has opened MediVet Lab Services in Lexington. The aim is to provide technical support for in-clinic animal stem cell procedures, regional and national adipose stem cell processing, cryogenic banking services, autologous conditional serum processing and cell counting services for in-house stem cell treatments.

MediVet Lab Services features a dedicated research and development department, a cell biologist and support staff.

The company hopes to open additional laboratories throughout the United States, as well as provide an interactive website offering vet certification and a quality assurance/control program for cell counting and banking, according to Jeremy Delk, managing director of MediVet-America.

MediVet Lab Services also makes banked doses more affordable since there is no processing/culture fee, Delk added.

MediVet-America noted that it has signed agreements with more than 100 veterinarians since March 1, 2010, and distributes the technology in eight countries worldwide.


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