Meet Courtney, a 15-Year-Old Veterinary Assistant

A young lady pursues her dream in this VPN Video of the Week.

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Disney’s “Citizen Kid” boasts the motto “An ordinary kid doing extraordinary things.” This video features Courtney Oliver, a young lady who became a veterinary assistant shortly after she turned 10. Her persistence and drive has propelled her career. An animal lover since early childhood, Courtney began calling her local veterinary practice to ask if she could volunteer. She was just 8 years old.

Being told ‘no’ several times did not deter her. She just kept calling until that ‘no’ became a ‘yes.’ Now, at 15, she’s a certified veterinary assistant, on her way to becoming a vet tech.

She is an inspiration to others that with effort you can achieve your dreams. After all, failure does not exist for those who don’t give up.

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