New Animal Planet Series Stars Dr. Jeff Young of Planned Pethood Plus

The news series, “Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet” premieres July 11.

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There’s a new veterinarian in the television town: Dr. Jeff Young, owner of Planned Pethood Plus in Denver, Colo. He is the star of a new 10-part Animal Planet series called, “Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet,” which premieres Saturday, July 11, at 10 p.m. EST.

According to Animal Planet, “There's no such thing as ‘a regular day’ at Denver's Planned Pethood Plus veterinary clinic. For over 80,000 clients and their pets, the clinic and its maverick vet Dr. Jeff Young represent one last hope and possibly the difference between life and death. This summer, Animal Planet reveals the lengths one man is willing to go within the emergency room and beyond.”

According to his Animal Planet bio, Planned Pethood Plus is “always a mad house … With more than 80,000-plus clients, approximately 30 surgeries a day, 30 staff, a bustling emergency room, and a far-reaching mobile clinic, Dr. Jeff is under constant pressure to keep his staff, clients and patients both healthy and happy.” The series will follow the day-to-day of the clinic.

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3 thoughts on “New Animal Planet Series Stars Dr. Jeff Young of Planned Pethood Plus

  1. Dr Jeff, I have a 16 year old chihuahua, her name is Miss Presley. She weighs about 4lbs an desperately needs your help! Please contact me at
    I’m desperate for your help cause nobody here in Enid, Oklahoma can do anything for her. I know she is in pain!

  2. Hey Guys! I am abitual rescuer from way back. Over the past 6 yrs, I have lost 4 of the six we had, and now the “puppy”, would be 12 in april, has a cancer, that is taking him fast, and his 13 yr old mixed border collie momma,is right behind him. soon I will have none. Anyway, The lady that rescues from the puppy mills, that works with you, I would really like to get in touch with her. Over the past 5 yrs my health took a nose dive too. A tick bite, lime desease, RA, rumatoid arthritis, then complications from the meds, (they almost killed me), I’m not the person I once was. I’m recovering from the poison, but the RA is forever. Anyway, I can’t keep up with dog hair, really don’t want a yapper, wish I could find a labadoodle, I’m sure there’s got to be one out there. Found St. Bernard puppies for my niece from a mill in Dayton OH. I have such respect for all of you, it’s not about the money, but the care of these creatures, and I felt you and your friends could help me, sure hope so. And yes I would love to have a little mixed yorkie, or long hair chihuahua, but I think I’m crazy thinking that way. Anyway, All my love and respect to each and everyone of you, God Bless and Keep you. R. Chandler

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