Pet Owners File Lawsuit Against OTC Flea/Tick Manufacturers

Lawsuit filed by pet owners in regards to to OTC flea/tick products.

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Several pet owners filed a class action lawsuit in San Francisco against Central Garden and Pet Co. and Farnam Companies Inc., both manufacturers of over-the-counter flea and tick control products. The lawsuit claims Biospot and Spot-On products have sickened and, in some cases, killed the plaintiffs’ pets due to pyrethrin poisoning.

Central Life Sciences, which encompasses Farnam Companies and is part of Central Garden and Pet Co., said the suit is unfounded and that it will “vigorously” defend against it.

The Schaumburg, Ill.-based company noted that no products have been recalled and that there have been no recommendations to remove any products from store shelves.

The plaintiffs seek monetary and injunctive relief as well as punitive damages.


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