PetCure Oncology marks 3,000 cancer treatments

Advanced radiation therapy can improve quality of life for pets diagnosed with cancer

Cancer care company PetCure Oncology hit a milestone this week with the treatment of its 3,000th patient.

An 11-year-old boxer named Roman received advanced radiation therapy at Arizona Veterinary Oncology in Phoenix after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.

The treatment, also called stereotactic radiation therapy (SRT), is relatively new in veterinary medicine, with the animals treated on-protocol by PetCure Oncology representing an unprecedented source of data for clinical research.

The company’s team of seven board-certified veterinary radiation oncologists is led by the company’s chief medical officer, Neal Mauldin, DVM, DACVIM (oncology), DACVIM (internal medicine), DACVR (RO).

“Pets with cancer are now receiving the same advanced quality of care as their human companions,” Dr. Mauldin says. “The pets we have treated and the data we have collected indicate modern radiation therapy can lead to better outcomes than ever before. For many pets with cancer, this means living longer with an improved quality of life.”

In addition to dogs and cats, the patients treated by PetCure include zoo animals and exotics, including a white tiger, a jaguar, a sea lion, a bearded dragon, and a goat.

Mauldin is scheduled to present his team’s preliminary outcomes data next month at the Veterinary Cancer Society’s annual conference in Houston, Tex.

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