PetPace teams up with ASPCA insurance

Use of the smart collars may be covered by pet health insurance in certain cases

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The PetPace vital-signs monitor has gotten a boost from ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, which is promoting the smart collar to customers and veterinarians.

The arrangement, announced today, was described as a strategic partnership between ASPCA, a brand of Hartville Pet Insurance Group, and PetPace LLC of Burlington, Mass.

Policyholders and their pets may benefit, too.

“As part of our commitment to helping veterinary hospitals provide the best care for their clients, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plans will cover monitoring costs for PetPace professional collars when prescribed by a veterinarian for eligible conditions,” said Liz Watson, chief marketing officer at Akron, Ohio-based Hartville.

PetPace collars use sensors to measure temperature, pulse and activity, among other variables, in dogs and cats both inside and away from a veterinary hospital. The information is analyzed and may be shared wirelessly with the owner and a veterinarian.

The company has used case studies to show how the collars, which launched in 2014, can monitor pets and help diagnose health issues. A study released in April reported how PetPace “facilitated an early diagnosis and contributed to a favorable outcome of hyperthyroidism in a completely asymptomatic cat.”

The collaboration serves multiple purposes.

“We want our pet parents to have the best access to education on pet health as well as insight into technology and services on the market that will keep their pets safe,” Watson said.

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