Ranchers Receive Aid For Cattle Affected In Texas Wildfires

Due to cattle issue from Texas wildfires, aid has been distributed to ranchers.

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Pfizer Animal Health is helping veterinarians in areas affected by Texas wildfires assess and treat cattle through a new voucher program. Assistance is available to livestock producers and veterinarians to ensure impacted livestock are evaluated and treated.

Vouchers worth $100 are being offered to reimburse Texas veterinarians for consulting fees to assess their clients’ impacted livestock. To treat animals with respiratory problems created by the fires, Pfizer Animal Health is also making free antibiotics available.

“Many local ranchers are losing their homes and their major or only source of income – their cattle,” says Roger Saltman, DVM, MBA, group director cattle veterinary operations with Pfizer Animal Health.  “It is a devastating and emotional situation for everyone involved. We feel we can help most by ensuring that ranchers in affected areas are able to receive the expert services and products needed to save and care for their animals.”

Since Monday, the Texas Forest Service is responding to seven major fires that span 586,624 acres and report 207 of the 254 Texas counties have burn bans in place.

When cattle have been affected by smoke inhalation, the animals must be assessed within 48 hours to determine the best course of action and medical options.

Veterinarians in an impacted area wanting more information can contact Pfizer Animal Health’s Veterinary Medical Information and Product Support Team at (800) 366-5288, the Texas Veterinary Medical Association at (800) 489-7347 or the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association at (817) 332-7064. Producers should contact their local veterinarian or local Texas Agri-Life Extension Agent and ask them about this assistance program.


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