Read This: An Unconventional Guide to Veterinarian Care

“The Husbandry and Feeding of Veterinarians (for new owners)” might be the guide you share with all your non-veterinarian friends.

Have you read “The Husbandry and Feeding of Veterinarians (for new owners)” yet? Well, you should. For those who might not know what exactly life is like with a veterinarian, this guide is for you, stating, “Congratulations on your new relationship! Partnering with a veterinarian is not without its challenges, but with some care and effort you can make things work. Here are a few pointers to help you maximize the bond with your veterinarian.”

This entire post is full of gems, with this one being my personal favorite:

There are some phrases that should never, ever come out of your mouth. The term ‘real doctor’ is the primary offender. This term should only be used dripping with sarcasm or with large air quotes, usually when referring to something that someone else said. If used otherwise, bites can result. Also be cautious when saying the phrase “playing with puppies and kittens”, as this is a known aggression trigger in some veterinarians, especially when used with the modifier ‘all day’. The reason for this aggression is currently unknown but studies are underway.”

Written by Claws, a western Canadian veterinarian, this post has gotten around 10,000 Facebook shares and almost 50 comments.

What would you add to a new owner’s guide to veterinarians? Check out the whole post, and then let us know.

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