The 2015 "They Ate What?!" Radiograph Contest Now Accepting Entries!

It’s X-ray contest time! Send us your rads!

Entries are being accepted for Veterinary Practice News’ 10th annual radiograph contest, “They Ate WHAT?” Pet health insurer Trupanion of Seattle is sponsoring the contest.

The top three winners will be awarded cash prizes. First prize is $1,500; second prize, $1,000; third prize, $500.

Shawn Messonnier, DVM, Paws & Claws Animal Hospital, Plano, Texas

Kermit the frog was the 2014 “They Ate What?!” Radiograph Contest winner. More than 30 small ornamental rocks were found inside Kermit, but were removed without complications.

Entries must be submitted electronically by June 30. Clinics that don’t have digital radiography may submit digital photos of their qualifying films.

Email radiographs to or use our online submission form. The submission must include the submitter’s name, clinic address, a telephone number and a short explanation of the case, including outcome. Photographs of the pet and removed items may also be sent, as in the case of last year’s third-place winner, the dog that ate 43 ½ socks. The photo of the socks paired nicely with the X-ray.

Entries become the property of Lumina Media, the parent company of Veterinary Practice News, which reserves the right to use them in any publication, media or promotion. Contestants agree that their X-rays and photos, text, name and city may be posted on Lumina websites and on sponsor websites.

“Foreign body ingestion is the second most common claim we receive from dogs and third most common claim we receive for cats,” said Kerri Marshall, DVM, Trupanion chief veterinary officer.

“It costs about $950 on average to treat. However, the longer an owner waits to take the pet to the veterinarian, the more the treatment can cost as the foreign object passes deeper into the pet’s body. Our claims data show the longer you wait, the more you will pay.”

Past entries have featured long metal rods, needles, knives and spoons, golf balls, diamond rings – yes, more than one! – work tools including wrenches and screw drivers, and even a fishing pole. Animals have included snakes, birds, and frogs as well as dogs and cats.

“From the claims we receive, some of the most common foreign objects pets ingest are rocks, socks, balls and for cats it’s string,” Dr. Marshall said. “We’ve even seen claims where the pet ingested batteries, sewing needles, a corn husk, and a computer mouse.”

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NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of International Giveaway who are Age of majority in your Country of residence or older. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Begins: 12 A.M. PDT on March 26, 2015. Ends: 11:59 P.M. PDT on June 30, 2015. One entry per clinic. Winner will be notified via email. Employees of Veterinary Practice News and Lumina Media and are not eligible to enter. Entries become the property of Lumina Media, which reserves the right, without further consideration, to use all materials in any publication, media and related promotions. The company cannot confirm receipt or return entries. Entry into this contest requires that you supply contact information, including your name, clinic name, address and email address. We will never publish your email address. Your name and clinic name — and city, state and/or country — along with text, videos, x-rays and photos submitted as part of your entry, may be posted on or other websites and social media pages owned or managed by Lumina Media in conjunction with the contest and its results, marketing purposes, and on sponsor websites and social media as well. Information you provide may be shared with the contest sponsor, which may use the information for marketing purposes, as well as for facilitate prize delivery. Veterinary Practice News and Lumina Media are not responsible for removing your name from sponsor mailing lists should it end up on one. Such requests must be made directly to Veterinary Practice News. Winner will be contacted through an email from Lumina Media. Prizes will be delivered by the sponsors. Veterinary Practice News and Lumina Media have the right to modify the rules and the contest at any time.

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