U.S. congressmen introduce bill to end deadly experiments on kittens

The legislation calls on the USDA to stop testing on cats that causes pain and stress

A new bill has been introduced to get the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to stop performing harmful experiments on felines.

U.S. congressmen Brian Mast and Jimmy Panetta have introduced the Kittens in Traumatic Testing Ends Now Act of 2019.

“The fact we need a piece of legislation to tell the federal government to stop killing kittens is ridiculous on its face, but what’s even worse is when you hear the government is actually breeding hundreds of these cats just to intentionally feed them parasite-ridden raw meat and then kill them even though they’re perfectly healthy,” Mast says. “These tests are awful, abusive, and unnecessary, not to mention a serious misuse of millions of taxpayer dollars. This needs to stop now.”

“This common sense, bipartisan bill will require the USDA to adhere to the same animal welfare standards the department is charged to uphold,”  Panetta says. “While I strongly support scientific research, taxpayer money and federal resources should be spent on advancing scientific research in an ethical manner, not on inflicting pain on innocent kittens in outdated experiments. I hope this bill helps us get closer to ending this cruel practice.

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11 thoughts on “U.S. congressmen introduce bill to end deadly experiments on kittens

  1. Don’t these congressmen have anything better to worry about ???
    How about the needs of their human constituents ???
    How many cats voted for them ???
    Typical politicians: wasting tax-payer dollars on irrelevant heroics.

    1. These cats are Not irrelevant. Cats and dogs have feelings, they feel the same as humans. They get depressed, feel pain, feel depression, suffer grief etc. These are God’s Creatures and It’s up to us humans to speak up for them. I rescue homeless abandoned animals and I’m sick of people throwing them away like yesterday’s trash. It’s a shame your heart is so cold toward a living breathing animal like cats and dogs. They Are Important.

    1. There’s no war. You can feed your pet whatever you want. Parasite ridden pets ill from poorly prepared raw meat only increases our profit at our veterinary hospital.