VEE Found In Mexico

VEE Found In Mexico

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Mexico reported in late August two cases of Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis to the World Animal Health Organization (OIE).

The National Service of AgriFood Health, Safety and Quality of Mexico reported the outbreak to the OIE on Friday, August 19. One of cases led to an animal death. The Mexico-United States Commission for the Prevention of Foot-and-Mouth Disease and other Foreign Animal Diseases confirmed the two positive tests earlier in August. The outbreak marked the first report of Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis in Mexico to the OIE since 1996.

The outbreak occurred in a fattening pen in Tierra Blanca, Vera Cruz, Mexico, and no additional sick animals have been found in the nearby area. However, an epidemiological investigation is on-going. According to the OIE, animals will be vaccinated in response to the outbreak. Vaccinations were used last year as a preventative measure due to flooding in the area.

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