Vet Clinic Opened At Iron River Animal Shelter

Iron River, Michigan, is now home to Four Seasons Animal Hospital, courtesy of Northwoods Animal Shelter.

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Four Seasons Animal Hospital
Photo credit Northwoods Animal Shelter

In late 2013, the Northwoods Animal Shelter in Iron River, Michigan, was buzzing with talk of opening an animal hospital. By January, that talk turned into reality and construction began. But that would not be the only change at the site. In February, Robert Anderson, DVM, the veterinarian who was renting the space, retired. Construction continued and the new facility was finished. April saw the opening of the Four Seasons Animal Hospital. Spring had sprung.

Spring also brought volunteers to support the animal hospital, just as they do the shelter. But the hospital isn't entirely volunteer-run. A full-time veterinary staff, including Cheryl Matuszewski, DVM and practice manager Kelly Devorak, graces the Four Seasons Animal Hospital.

Dr. Cheryl Matuszewski
Photo credit Northwoods Animal Shelter
Cheryl Matuszewski, DVM

Since the April 7th opening, the Four Seasons Animal Hospital has had numerous clients.

"We are pleasantly surprised at how busy we have been," said shelter manager Bonnie Jewell, according to The Daily News.

Jewell also praised how well Dr. Matuszewski, a practicing veterinarian since 2000, cares for and handles the animals. Although Matuszewski's usual clientele consists of cats and dogs, she has occasionally treated rabbits and other pets at Four Seasons Animal Hospital.

Matuszewski's clients often pay her a visit due to back leg injuries or diarrhea and vomiting; however, the animal hospital offers several other services. Pets can come in for dental work, blood and urine work, wellness exams, ultrasounds, vaccinations, digital x-rays or surgeries. The clinic already has surgeries booked through June, Devorak notes.

"Everyone has been very kind, and very appreciative," she told The Daily News. "Being able to offer these services in the area is huge."

Besides treating pets who have found homes, the animal hospital also treats the animals at the shelter. One of Matuszewski and Devorak's goals is to neuter and spay each and every animal before it leaves the shelter.

Northwoods Animal Shelter
Photo credit Northwoods Animal Shelter
Northwoods Animal Shelter

The process of neutering and spaying the shelter animals used to be difficult. The shelter had no means of conducting the procedures on site, thereby forcing them to take the animals to facilities in Iron Mountain, Michigan, or Eagle River, Wisconsin — about an hour commute each way. Being able to conduct these procedures on site makes Matuszewski and Devorak's goal much easier, which is something worth celebrating.

The public is invited to join in the celebration by attending the Northwoods Animal Shelter open house on May 17. The event is being held from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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