Veterinarian Designs App to Help Dog Owners Determine Their Mutt's Breeds

Lauren Schluterman, DVM, created “What’s My Mutt?” which helps dog owners determine the three predominant breeds that make up their mutt.

What's My Mutt?

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Want to know what makes up your mutt? There’s an app for that.

Best part? That app was designed by a veterinarian.

Specifically, Lauren Schluterman, DVM, of the Bowman Road Animal Clinic in Little Rock, Ark., designed the “What’s My Mutt?” app. The creation came about because so many clients wanted to know the breeds made up their dogs. She had also adopted her own dog, Indy, and was working to determine what her dog's origins were. With DNA testing too expensive for many of her clients, Schluterman decided to start work on a more inexpensive approach.

Lauren Schluterman, DVM, with Indy

What's My Mutt?

Lauren Schluterman, DVM, with Indy.

The app took around 3 years to make. Schluterman created an algorithm that  takes “dominant features of 65 different dog breeds that create mutts,” reports

“We tested the algorithm on about 1,000 dogs before the official launch. The goal of the app is for it to become a tool for animal rescue and shelter groups or people looking to adopt a dog with a certain size or personality. The more people that use it, the more data is collected,” Schluterman told

According to a “What’s My Mutt?” press release, the app, “will take you through seven steps that highlight the individual features of your adult dog. After completing these steps you will receive:

  • Three predominant breeds that make up your Mutt.
  • Short descriptions of each breed and their individual personalities, which will shed light on the wonderful, silly, crazy things your Mutt does.

With over sixty-five breeds represented, you will get excellent and accurate results!”

The results can be shared via social media.

The app is only 99 cents, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting dog rescue organizations, according to the press release.

To find out more about the product, visit

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