Veterinarian Removes Rooster Foot from Python's Belly

A literal case of “biting off more than you can chew” had a happy ending thanks to an Australian vet.

A wild python in Australia decided to eat a rooster, but it seems the rooster would have got the best of the python had it not been for Nikki Tapp, B.V.Sc, at the Marlin Coast Veterinary Hospital in Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

Marlin Coast Veterinary Hospital/Facebook

Dr. Nikki Tapp working on removing a rooster's foot from a wild python's belly.

The wild reptile was brought into the hospital October 26 with a puncture wound and a huge belly. The rooster’s spur had pierced the skin of the python, from inside the snake’s belly. Tapp had to open the snake up. She had to use a pair of surgical scissors to cut the entire foot off the rooster, leaving the rest of the rooster in the belly of the python.

Tapp said on Facebook that the snake is doing well and will be released once it finishes digesting the huge bird.

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