Veterinarian Treats Cat Thrown From Car on Highway

Dr. Chris Rehm says that cat is doing well considering the traumatic event it underwent.

We see all kinds of things when we’re driving. Much of it we may just shake our heads at. But there are some things we see that we just can’t shake off. For one Good Samaritan the sight that couldn’t be shaken off was that of another driver tossing a cat out of the car window while driving on the freeway in Mobile, Ala.

The woman stopped, got out of her car and retrieved the cat. She subsequently took the injured feline to Rehm Animal Clinic where Chris Rehm, DVM, has since been treating her.

“She’s lucky she wasn’t hit by another car,” Dr. Rehm told Local 15. “The car was traveling at a high-rate of speed. [They] threw her out and she landed on her jaw and her foot. Those areas got what we call ‘de-gloved’ where the skin gets pulled away from the bone and the underlying tissues.”

Rehm and his team have treated the cat for shock and physical injuries. They are still monitoring her for any changes to her appetite or sense of smell, Fox 10 TV reports. The cat, however, appears to be recovering nicely.

“I’m very pleased with the progress the cat has made,” Rehm told Fox 10 TV. “If the cat had been 10 or 15 pounds heavier, she wouldn’t have made it.”

The woman who rescued the cat would like to adopt her, but it is possible that her owners will still be found. Rehm told Fox 10 TV that it’s possible the incident was an act of aggression against the owner and he’s hopeful the person who did it will be found. "I can't imagine anybody doing something this heinous to any live creature," he told Local 15.

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