VMC announces new consultant

Dr. Niqole Varani joins Veterinary Management Consultation Inc. of Evergreen, Colo.

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Veterinary Management Consultation, Inc., a full-service veterinary practice management consulting company based in Evergreen, Colo., has announced that Niqole Varani, DVM has joined the company as a full-time consultant.

Dr. Varani’s role will be to conduct extensive on-site consultations with veterinary practices. With a background as a veterinarian and hospital administrator, the company believes Varani will be an asset to veterinarians and their business management systems to improve profitability, efficiency and client service. Varani will also help provide an optimum work environment and improved quality of life for owners and their teams.

“She brings a wealth of veterinary practice experience, vitality and intelligence to the table.” said Mark Opperman, the president of VMC. “We couldn’t have found a better consultant to help the company continue to grow and develop as we move our consulting firm to the next level.”

As a graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, Varani has always had a deep respect for nature and the creatures she has encountered. Growing up, she and her family cared for a variety of animals, from chinchillas to ferrets to ducks, birds, and dogs. She developed respect for the human/animal bond and strived to help others sustain these deeply forged relationships.

In addition to practicing veterinary medicine, Varani has managed a number of veterinary practices. She has extensive knowledge managing small animal general practices as well as specialty, referral and emergency hospitals. The company reports that they are excited to incorporate someone that has management and veterinary medicine experience, believing it will be a unique resource to our practice owners and practice teams.

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