Water Additive Found to Reduce Dental Tartar

A study documented up to 25 percent less calculus on canine teeth with the use of StrixNB.

The water additive StrixNB is an effective first step in pet oral care, according to the manufacturer, Kane Biotech Inc.

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An independent study of Kane Biotech’s StrixNB documented slower growth of dental calculus in dogs given the water additive.

The calculus score in a group of 30 dogs was 25.4 percent lower than in the control group at the end of the study, the Canadian company reported Thursday.

“Our oral care water additive significantly reduces calculus with daily use,” said Gord Froehlich, president and CEO of Kane Biotech. “This is especially significant as a water additive is the first step in a good oral care program.”

The study has not been submitted for publication but “we are currently exploring opportunities,” business development manager Robert Vinet said.

The efficacy study was controlled, randomized and masked, the Winnipeg, Manitoba, company reported. Each group was fed a normal diet and given either tap water or water containing StrixNB at the recommended dosage.

Teeth cleanings were done on all the dogs at the start, and dental exams were graded on days 28, 56 and 84 using a modified Warrick-Gorrel method. The calculus scores in the StrixNB group were 14.2, 23.5 and 25.4 percent lower at each stage compared with the control group.

A separate safety study found no issues when dogs were given up to five times the recommended dosage.

In addition, a 2013 field study found StrixNB to be effective against halitosis, or bad breath, in a group of Shetland sheepdogs.

The product lasts for days when added to water, Vinet said.

“We can say with confidence that diluted StrixNB remains active for at least 72 hours and can be used in filtered pet water fountain,” he said. 

StrixNB is veterinary-exclusive and comes in liquid, powder and spray formulations. All contain the same core ingredients: water, sodium citrate, citric acid, disodium EDTA, potassium benzoate and zinc chloride.

A sister oral care product, Bluestem, is sold in pet stores.

Both brands are available in Canada and the company is working to introduce them to the United States, Vinet said.

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