Why A Bunny Eating Raspberries and Other Animal Videos Are So Popular With Your Clients

Don’t focus on work so much you forget the “Awww” factor of your patients.

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My daughter was the first one to show me the adorable YouTube video of the little bunny eating raspberries (and then his lips look like he’s applied lipstick! So cute!). Then my partner saw it, and said “why do people like to see little animals eating?” Well, of course, it’s because they are just ADORABLE! Yahoo reports today that more than 6.6 million people have watched that little bunny with his berries. It is a good question; just why is this simple, short video so popular?

In my opinion, it’s because we all long for those moments that take us away from ourselves, our worries, our issues and errands, and just get to say “Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.” We don’t get enough Aws in our life. But those of us in veterinary medicine get the opportunity to say “Awwww” much more often than regular folk. But do we always stop and appreciate those moments when we’re at work, in the thick of it?

Not often enough, because there is so much to do, so little time, and so many animals and people needing our help. I heard from a manager once who’s very first job in veterinary medicine was joining a practice straight into a management position. She called me about the topic of Compassion Fatigue. She noticed something was different, something off or wrong, about her team recently. What did she notice? Well, it was what she no longer noticed! It was simply this…when she went into the treatment areas, she didn’t see the team members TALKING to the patients anymore. It may be because she was not drenched in a veterinary position before being management, that she had the ability to notice that. You have to admit, us talking to animals is a completely natural thing that we do sometimes without even thinking. So what did this manager do? She went out and bought combs, brushes, and toys to encourage the team to take some quality time with their patients, with these furry creatures we loved so much. I was impressed.

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It’s easy to forget to stop and “Aww,” but yet that “satisfier” (which results in job satisfaction) alone makes up for so many “stressors”: hours, pay, physical challenges, overloaded schedules, cranky clients, to just name a few. We must work hard to focus on the positive in our position, no matter what your position is on the team. But along with working hard, we need to be able to step back and say “Awww.” The next time a cute little kitty or big puppy comes in to your practice, when you feel that urge to just stop and “Awww,” by all means, do it. Then carry that critter around to give everyone else an “Aww” moment!

So this is just a bit of advice from the little bunny with the raspberries, who has become an overnight sensation. I just hope the stardom doesn’t go to his furry little head!

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