Women’s Fashion Line Created By Veterinarian

A veterinarian found a unique way to relieve stress while also helping animals in need.

Humane Envy is the name of the fashion line created by Dr. Jennifer Stetcher.

Humane Envy/Facebook

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Medicine is a stressful occupation. Add to that a father with cancer and that stress level multiplies. Since the veterinary clinic isn’t the place to disengage and free your mind of thoughts, Jennifer Stetcher, DVM turned to fashion. In what little free time she had, Dr. Stetcher sketched designs of women’s clothing.

“I found out that my dad’s prostate cancer had spread to his spine, and it was a really hard thing to have to deal with,” she told DNAinfo. “I love what I do as a veterinarian, but it’s not as if I can completely forget everything when I’m [in the clinic] because I have to be very [in tune] with everything. So I started to design just as an outlet and it was exactly what I needed.”

Stetcher is originally from Iowa and hadn’t sketched since she was a child. Instead, she realized her dream was to become a veterinarian and worked hard to achieve that goal. Now that she has, she’s turned to sketching as an outlet. That outlet, however, has turned into a little bit of a second job. Stetcher is launching her clothing line, called Humane Envy, this Friday, October 23, 2015. Her first collection is called “Untamed Couture,” DNAinfo reports, and tickets are available for the launch party, which will take place in Chicago, where Stetcher works and resides. Her collection can also be seen at FashionBar in Chicago on October 22; tickets for that event can be purchased here.

Stetcher has incorporated her love of animals into her fashion line. A portion of the Humane Envy proceeds will go to Chicago Canine Rescue and Trio Animal Foundation (as well as cancer organization Imerman Angels). Her line of clothing has a jungle theme; however, it’s not over the top.

“I don’t want anything bluntly animal so it’s more of an abstract animal inspiration,” she told DNAinfo.

While Stetcher hopes Humane Envy will end up in stores, she has no intention of giving up veterinary medicine.

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“I love what I do as a veterinarian. I love treating animals, but I also love what I’m doing right now with fashion design. I really want to do both.”

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