Zoetis Core EQ Innovator equine vaccine fights five core diseases

Combines West Nile, Eastern and Western equine encephalomyelitis, tetanus, and rabies disease antigens

Zoetis’ new Core EQ Innovator equine vaccine contains all five core equine disease antigens—West Nile, Eastern and Western equine encephalomyelitis, tetanus, and rabies—in one vaccine.

Core EQ Innovator provides a safe and effective immune response against the five core equine disease antigens as demonstrated in safety and efficacy trials, Zoetis stated, adding that the vaccine has been field tested in more than 1,000 horses with 99.7 percent of horses being reaction free.2,3

“Viral respiratory and neurologic diseases are the leading preventable causes of death in horses,” said Jacquelin Boggs, DVM, MS, DACVIM, senior veterinarian, Equine Technical Services at Zoetis. “While annual vaccination against the core equine diseases has long been an established standard of care, Core EQ Innovator will simplify compliance and help provide protection to all horses against these deadly diseases. We trust this vaccine will better equip veterinarians with the tools they need to help protect the health and well-being of horses.”

All of the disease antigens in Core EQ Innovator are backed by the Zoetis Equine Immunization Support Guarantee, which provides horse owners and veterinarians with vaccination support, including diagnostic testing and treatment, the company stated.

Available in a 1-mL dose and safe for use in healthy horses three months of age or older.

Core EQ Innovator will be available to veterinarians through their Zoetis representative and distribution partners. Visit CoreEQInnovator.com for more information.

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