6 Ways To Communicate Better

Wendy Myers shares 6 communication tips from her new book in this VPN Video of the Week.

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Want to strengthen your phone skills? Do you reintroduce yourself after a client has been on hold? Do you thank them for their patience? Are you looking to raise your client service techniques to an exceptional level? Maybe you're interested in improving communication in the exam room. Or perhaps a refresher course is needed in confidential explanation of finances. How is the follow up on patient care in your clinic? Do you and your staff know how to handle difficult situations both professionally and gracefully?

Wendy Myers answers all of those questions and more in the video above, offering pointers and examples for each one.

These tips are from her new book called 101 Communication Skills for Veterinary Teams. It is designed to benefit not only veterinarians, but also veterinary assistants, technicians, boarding and grooming staff, customer service representatives and practice managers.

Wendy S. Myers is the author of five books and five videos, and is a columnist for Veterinary Practice News. She also offers monthly webinars and phone-skills training. She is an instructor at AAHA Veterinary Management School, a partner in Animal Hospital Specialty Center in Highlands Ranch, Colorado and owner of Denver, Colorado-based Communication Solutions for Veterinarians. Follow her on Twitter at @wendysmyers.

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