What’s Your Diagnosis?

Test your knowledge with the November 2017 Brain Teaser

Photo courtesy Phil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS, CVJ, Certified Fear Free


This 6-year-old cat had a perineal urethrostomy (P/U) performed a few weeks ago. He is now straining to urinate.


  1. What’s your diagnosis?
  2. Why does this typically happen (two answers)?
  3. Name two surgical options to revise this.
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3 thoughts on “What’s Your Diagnosis?

  1. 30 years ago we had a cat that was shot in the foreleg and had a sq bullet in the ventral abdomen. We fixed the fracture and sent him home. At recheck he had a distended bladder-pressure on the bladder caused him to urinate through his anus. Turns out the 2nd shot perforated his anus and his urethra and he formed a urethrocolonic fistula. A PU and colon repair ultimately fixed the problems.