Cat-killing Texas veterinarian loses appeal

Sentencing upheld for Kristen Lindsey, who shot a cat through the head with an arrow, must pay all related court costs

Kristen Lindsey, the Texas veterinarian whose license was suspended for one year after shooting a cat through the head with an arrow and posting about it on social media, has lost her appeal to overturn her sentence.

Kristen Lindsey, the Texas veterinarian whose license was suspended for one year after shooting a cat through the head with an arrow and posting about it on social media, has lost her appeal to overturn her sentence.

In an April 2015 Facebook post accompanying an image of a cat impaled by her arrow, Lindsey wrote, “My first bow kill, lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it’s [sic] head. Vet of the year award … gladly accepted.”

After much furor from animal rights activists and the veterinary community, the Texas Board of Veterinary Medicine sought to revoke Lindsey’s license. Instead, the Texas State Office of Administrative Hearings recommended a one-year full suspension and four years’ probation.

The one-year suspension ended in October 2017, and Lindsey is permitted to practice veterinary medicine on a probationary basis.

Lindsey attempted to get her sentence overturned in district court and the Texas Third Court of Appeals. Another appeal to challenge the rules dictating her disciplinary action was pending. She lost both cases on Friday, April 27, and is ordered to pay all costs related to the trial court and the court of appeals.

Lindsey had argued to the court that what she did “had nothing to do with the practice of veterinary medicine.”

“How can a veterinarian kill a cat, whether it’s owned, feral, unowned, or abandoned?” said William Folger, DVM, MS, DABVP, during his participation as an expert witness at the State Office of Administrative Hearings. “It doesn’t matter if she thought the cat was feral. This is astounding to me. Killing cats is against the law in Texas. I couldn’t believe a colleague could kill a cat in an inhumane, barbaric and cruel manner. It’s beyond my comprehension.”

“We’re pleased that the courts still see Kristen Lindsey’s actions as deserving of punishment, however, a one-year suspension is grossly inadequate for a veterinarian who gained such pleasure from the torture of a cat,” said Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies, of the April 27 outcome. “Kristen Lindsey should never be trusted to practice veterinary medicine again.”



Texas board accuses Kristen Lindsey of animal cruelty

Judges urge license suspension for Lindsey

“I would do it all again.”




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76 thoughts on “Cat-killing Texas veterinarian loses appeal

    1. Ms. Kristen Lindsey is a disgrace to veterinary medicine and the humane race. She’s a first class embicile that should be disbarred from any kind medicine, any type of practice, and from humankind. $”&:;(?,./;

      1. She should have been found guilty of felony animal abuse and sent to prison, not to mention losing her license to practice veterinary medicine. What will she do next? She literally got away with murder.

        1. Agreed! She is awful! Nothing to do with veterinary medicine?? Your actions in clinic and out should reflect your oath to care for all animals. What a horrible human being. I wish that no one ever gives her business again.

    2. I agree. this b*tch was never raised by her parents the right way. No compassion and never took her oath seriously. As a vet, you cannot like only certain animals. you cannot stalk, trap, then kill your senior neighbors cat, with your mom cheering you on. Knowing Tiger was still alive while she took that photo, angered me more than anything else in a very, very long time. May Kristen ALWAYS find trouble when it comes to working and getting a paycheck. NO ONE should ever take their pets to her or anyone who would hire her.

  1. What she did to a defenseless beautiful being is beyond despicable. The thought that she is still allowed to be anywhere near an animal makes me sick to my stomach. And she is not one bit sorry. What kind of monsters raised her?? Karma.

      1. We she did was absolutely unconscionable, without a doubt. It is unquestionably wrong to kill neighborhood domestic animal species. If there is a concern about health and safety, then local animal control should be contacted.

        And I absolutely agree with you that the parents should NOT be blamed.

        For example, my father was always an ardent cat lover. He would be SO gentle and kind and loving to the neighborhood cats, and impress upon us the importance of being good to cats.

        Meanwhile, he was perpetually angry and abusive toward our family and always showed a violent temper. Once, when I was a clumsy little kid, my father punched me hard in the side after I accidentally tripped over a neighborhood cat when I was running to the house for an urgent matter, causing the cat to panic and run away. Again, that was completely unintentional; absolutely no malice on my part toward the cat. But apparently treating the neighborhood cats like royalty was more important than me doubling over and holding my side in pain from being violently struck.

        As a consequence, I am not a cat lover, or really an animal lover at all. So yes, children do go away from their parents’ teachings.

        1. The terms “neighborhood” and “domestic” are mutually exclusive. If a cat is domestic, it belongs confined to the owner’s property. Not out ruining neighbor’s yards and killing native wildlife. Dr. Lindsey did a community service. I don’t let my pack of beagles run at large through the neighborhood, so why is it so hard for my morbidly obese hoarding neighbor to confine her cats that she supposedly “loves”.

          1. I wonder how you would feel if one of your “pack of beagles” got loose to chase some kind of wild rodent, and during the time you were out looking for your pup, a neighbour shot it through the head with a bow and arrow because it was in their garden?

      2. If I’m not mistaken, her mother was the one taking the picture of her holding Tiger with an arrow through his head. That doesn’t sound like the fruit fell too far from the tree.

        Parent have a whole lot to do with the way their children are raised and what they grow up to be. That is the problem, any person that has successfully gone through puberty can make a child, but a whole lot of them don’t have the sense to raise them right.

  2. I strongly agree with Alley Cat Allies that this person who somehow managed to become a “Dr. Of Animals should NEVER be allowed to practice any form of medicine in any state again. She doesn’t need to get another chance again.

  3. Disgusting and unethical but people do reform. Although killing an animal with a bow and arrow by a doctor whose job it is to help animals…wow, what a weirdo.

    1. Unfortunately she’s not capable of reform because she’s convinced she did nothing wrong. At this point her only value is to serve as an example to others.

  4. You are one sick woman. You have a degree to save the lives of animals not kill them. What did you gain by killing a poor defenseless animal. Did it make you feel proud. Did it make you feel like a bug person, superior? I don’t care if you are still allowed to keep your license. I would never take one of my animals to you. It was bad enough that you took an innocent life but to post it on social media? You are disgusting and perverted. Moms probably need to keep a close eye on their children too.

  5. So sad that this woman is allowed to “practice” on people’s pets. I would NEVER allow her near my cats or dogs. That poor animal did NOT deserve to die, whether feral or not. How uneducated this woman is–she should NOT be a veterinarian. Shame on those who allow her to continue to “practice.”

  6. This sick subhuman is not a veterinarian! She is an animal abuser and needs to stay in jail before her psychopathic brain starts going for bigger “trophies” it is a proven fact that they start with animals and their biggest trophy will be a human!

  7. That is one piece of work veterinarian. Don’t Vets have a similar oath that MDS take, to do no harm? What a disgrace to the practice of medicine and, quite frankly, to the human(e) race!

    1. We do. She is. There are many arguments for culling feral cat populations. The veterinary profession is not opposed to hunting. But this absurd combination that she bragged about does go against her oath as a veterinarian because of the callus and inhumane nature of her actions. I hope people will not judge the profession by her actions

  8. She needs a mental evaluation. Will this vet on her own kill certain pets, simply because she chooses too;; without discussion with the owners first, She needs prison time, She NEVER again should hold a veterinarian license. She show signs of enjoying control to kill a innocent animal, what will this vet. Do to a human being? Their are signs, she’s unfit to remain a license veterinarian. She has a smug look on her face.

    1. after having to pick up the remains of a second pileated woodpecker my trashy neighbor’s “house” cat decided to tear apart on my property, as far as i’m considered Dr. Lindsey did a community service.

  9. Honestly her argument would be like a doctor shooting a homeless guy with a arrow through its head and saying “it has nothing to do with medicine!!”

    1. Excellent point. I’m a doctor, and it’s the first thing I thought. And she did it for sheer pleasure, it wasn’t like she was protecting herself from any danger. And she sure wasn’t hunting for food. So what was her motive? She’s a sadist. Reinstated license or not, I hope her creepy reputation precedes her, and she is deprived of any clients. And what vet clinic would even hire her?

  10. Veterinary Colleges are failing in their screening procedures. Grades and test scores seem to be the only criteria that matter. This vet is not the first one that I know about that lacks compassion for animals. The competitive requirements for getting into Vet School effectively favor candidates that are more aggressive and less concerned with ethical behavior. According to a recent survey, 85% of straight A students cheat. You must have straight A’s to get into most Vet schools. Honesty does not appear to be a condition for acceptance. If schools would put more emphasis on ETHICS and less on grades, criminals like Kristen Lindsey would never get enrolled. The addition of an ethics screening evaluation should be added to every Vet school’s admission requirements.

    1. Don’t blame the vet schools for this, especially since you don’t know anything about the selection criteria. While high grades are important, a lot of work goes into evaluating each applicant and selecting people with high regard for ethical behavior. I wasn’t a straight A student, but I became a veterinarian nonetheless. Painting with a broad brush by saying that vet schools are only looking for eggheads is disingenuous. Please don’t comment on topics you know nothing about.

    2. This is not completely accurate. There are thousands of graduates that apply to Vet school every year and most schools do use an ethics evaluation to help them make better informed choices.

  11. She should never be allowed to practice again. I cannot imagine any vets office hiring her and if they do, what no use that vet. This was beyond heartless and her post and brag showed how she truly feels. No remorse at all

  12. From one veterinarian to another:
    Kristen Lindsey deserves an arrow through her skull, too.
    Obviously, compassion is something foreign to her.
    Don’t come to Maryland, you are NOT welcome here.

  13. If judicial system only imposes 1 year probation; clearly, animal loving community must follow her remorsely and make sure that her barbarity is publicized; ads in local papers, signs, landlords who might be tempted to rent to her, flyers – whatever it takes to totally destroy her ability to ever come near any animal of any species again.

  14. She should never, EVER, be allowed to practice veterinary medicine again. She is a psychopath that needs to be put far away from any animal.

  15. Her veterinary license should be permanently revoked – period. This license is one of great honor, and it commands great trust and respect from the community. She has betrayed this honor and thus, is not worthy of the title.

  16. Not only are words inadequate to describe my horror every time I read about this woman but her unimaginable torture of the cat, including her cavalier bragging of the incident, truly make me sick. Makes me wonder why she wants to be a vet??? Wonder what she’s done to animals in her practice she didn’t deem worthy?? She should never be allowed to practice medicine again!

  17. Feral cats are definitely a manmade ecological plague, but shooting them in the head is not the way to go about lowering numbers. Especially if it is illegal. And it’s even worse when she’s a DVM.

  18. I just hope that everyone who is so outraged at the actions of this veterinarian is vegan. Do you really think what we do with cows, baby lambs, goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, rabbits, dogs in some countries, is any less barbaric than what she did?? Take a look in the mirror and, if you eat meat, eggs, and dairy, you ought to be ashamed as ALL of these animals listed suffer immeasurably in both life and in death, often being boiled or skinned alive!!! #GoVegan for Pete’s sake.

    1. Are you serious? Killing something brutally and bragging about it is NOT the same as the humane efforts taken in slaughter houses. As a VET we are taught that in school or were you absent that day?

      1. Please do some research on what “Dr. Moira” said, its 100% true. The way most animals are raised, treated and slaughtered in the US is on par with the cruelty this despicable lady displayed. The meat/egg/dairy industry has poured billions into hiding their evil because their business is so profitable. But with the advent of the internet its now out in the open. Watch a movie called “earthlings” (free on YouTube) or “dominion.” If you have a heart, you will never look at the animal product industry the same way again after watching.

  19. In the United Kingdom her licence would be deleted for ever, as the all animals are covered by the Act of the Parliament and they have their own rights, these animals are not the private property as in the USA.

    May be it is the time that you change the rules in the USA to avoid other Kristen Lindsey cases!

  20. This woman should never have been allowed to become a veterinarian. I fault her college for not picking up on the fact that she is mentally, emotionally, and morally unsuitable to practice veterinary medicine.

  21. At first I was absolutely outraged by what this woman had done. Then, one morning while walking my dog I saw an outdoor cat kill a bird and I realised why she said that the only good feral cat was a dead one. Also I have seen the dramatic decrease in the bird population in my area which I attribute partially to cats that are allowed outdoors. I don’t believe I could do what she did and I absolutely adore cats but we need to turn this story into the effects of outdoor and feral cats on the ecology of our world.

    1. Natalie Do more research. MAN does the most damage to birds, not kitty cats. It’s always so sad to see when a cat catches a bird, but it did take great skill to do it and most of the time they don’t make the catch. But MAN is responsible for bird destruction more than outside cats are and that’s a fact.

    2. Exactly. My Neighbor lets her horde of cats run through the neighborhood killing birds. They’ve torn apart doves and Woodpeckers and left the carcasses in my yard to clean up. I’ve complained to the town, and everytime she fights with the animal control officer and refuses to pay the citations. I put out cage traps ON MY PROPERTY and she called the police ON ME. She claims she “loves” her cats, yet they look like they are in poor health and she lets them be at large all day and night. After dealing with her and her cats, i fully agree, the only good unconfined cat is a dead one. I’d send an award to this outstanding Veterenarian if i could

  22. She’s an ignorant redneck hillbilly without any ethics and thinks she’s above the law. She appears VERY mentally unstable and was arrested for DWI on top of the murder of the cat. She needs intense psychiatric therapy and a year in jail. She should never be able to practice agai .

  23. i feel she made a mistake, and she learned her lesson in a very public painfully humiliating way. due to her lack of malice regarding her motivation i think she should be given a second chance. everybody makes mistakes…and even big mistakes. but life goes on. it would be a waste to condemn her based on one terrible mistake.

    1. I disagree. She has no remorse — read her comments made through her attorney. And for her to say that she should receive the Vet of the Year award — what kind of freak would do that -?! She’s mental. So you take your dog or cat to her and trust her when she tells you it’s time to put it down … but I wouldn’t trust her with anything. It’s surprising she is a vet with her thought process. If she loved animals, she would have found a way to help that cat rather than shooting it through the head. She is lacking a basic love of animals. She is like a woman I work with who has no love for animals EXCEPT for her own two maltese and even then, she swears she won’t let her husband get another when they die because they cost to much money.

  24. This 21st century is full of mayhem and distain and anger and ignorance and death is so over the top in our nation, our world. It seems that every night I see the news on TV, whether local or national it is full of hate and crime. It seems to be that many people really like to destroy life and property. They then get in the limelight of society whether applauded or become a disgrace to society. The ignorance in this case of brutally is from a corrupt horrid person without a conscience. These kind of humans need to be feared and when they do horrid cruelty to animals, next step is cruelty to another human. She needs to repent in jail along with total loss of her veterinarian’s license. Can you even imagine how many animals she euthanize in the practice she was in, GET rid of her!!!

    1. “Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.” – Schopenhauer

      You’re an imbecile.

    2. This person is just as deranged as the so called veterinarian. I don’t know how ur veterinarians do their job in Texas, but Florida veterinarians don’t do that here. Maybe we need to use her as bow practice.

  25. We need to have periodic updates on where she is living and practicing veterinary medicine. I live in Louisiana and don’t want my animals anywhere near her. And honestly, I have doubts about the whole profession when I look at how they did not take this cruel killing seriously.

  26. How could anyone take their pet to such a cold heartless woman who CALLS herself a VET?? I would NEVER trust her with any pet of mine. Vets are supposed to SAVE an animal’s life NOT shoot one in the head for bow & arrow practice, & then LAUGH about it. What kind of OATH did SHE take? IF Texas ever had a PURGE day she would be # 1 on everyone’s list! She is INHUMAN!!

  27. I’ve been following this case for the past few years. I will remember her name!! I’m sure it will be very difficult for her to find people who will trust her with their pets, especially considering the extensive Internet history available about this incident.

  28. The fact that she still does not believe that she did anything wrong is disturbing on so many levels. Spread the word everywhere, coast to coast, not to let this woman have any contact with your pets. No animal is safe wherever she resides.

  29. Who would take their pets to her now?? You would have to be as bad as her!! If you were as bad as her you wouldnt be seeking help for your animals you be shooting them for fun. So I dint think we have much to worry about in that department!! Shes a monster. Says she woyld do it again. What the hell is wrong with the dam judge?? An what the hell is wrong with Tex Ass???

    1. As someone who’s had to clean up countless dead birds in my yard along with trash and piss because my morbidly obese hoarding neighbor refuses to confine her cats or obey instructions from law enforcement, i’d have zero problems taking one of my dogs to Dr. Lindsey. She did a community service as far as i’m concerned. If people love their domesticated pets as much as they claim, then they should be confined as the word domestic entails.

  30. When attorney Bishop tried dismisses justifiable public outrage about Lindsey’s actions as the rantings of “loud lynch mob of zealots” and fringe-y radicals, one truly has to wonder about him, too.

    Heartfelt thanks for Dr. Folger’s brave and expert testimony.

  31. She’s a hero and deserves a medal. My neighbor’s unconfined cats have killed countless birds (including tearing a large Pileated Woodpecker to shreds) on my property, ruined my fruit vines by urinating all over them, dragged and left trash from her garage into my yard, gone after my scent hounds and scratch the tailgate of a brand new pickup all up. So far as i’m concerned, if these are “pets” they belong confined and/or in her house, not wandering the streets making a mess and killing wildlife. She ignores the towns citations, refuses to pay fines, has called the cops ON ME for putting out cage traps IN MY YARD. As far as i’m concerned at this point the only good unconfined cat is a dead one. I’d give Dr. Lindsey a trophy if i could.