The tuition-debt crisis: Who is willing to change?

At the end of my career, it is perplexing to look back 60 years—with what passes for the wisdom of old age—to make comparisons with the contemporary scene. To be sure, during my lifetime the veterinary profession achieved major scientific and technological progress, and survived several episodes of political and economic uncertainty. Yet, who can say there may not be worse to come? In my view, the most serious threat to the long-term prosperity of …

Why heartworm prevention begins in your practice

According to the American Heartworm Society (AMS), it is estimated more than one million dogs have heartworm disease. Spread by mosquitoes, heartworms live in the heart and pulmonary arteries of infected dogs and cats. Left untreated, the disease can lead to heart failure, as well as damage to other organs. To mark Heartworm Awareness Month, we asked Claire Walther, DVM, veterinary specialty operations at Zoetis Petcare, for her take on what veterinarians can do to …

How veterinary practices can improve client retention

With pet ownership reaching record-highs in the U.S, there’s plenty of opportunity for small veterinary practices to increase revenue. But many practice owners are finding it difficult to compete in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

How bioinformatics research could affect veterinary practices, companion animal health

Let’s face it; we can’t even keep up with all the email, client communications, and news flashing on our smartphones while maintaining a busy clinical load. Once-a-year continuing education barely keeps us afloat in the ocean of veterinary information, and now that information is coming at us more and more rapidly and in more forms.

Canine Influenza Virus 2017: Beyond two show dogs

Since the canine influenza virus (CIV) H3N2 strain first emerged in Chicago in 2015, it has spread somewhat sporadically throughout the U.S. However, in late May, it turned up once again; the epicenter might have been two dog shows.

You Asked For It: More Crazy X-Rays

The 2014 annual "They Ate WHAT?!", sponsored by Trupanion, was a huge success, and one of the entries even took the Internet by storm. We received a lot of entries and couldn't fit them all into the magazine. Check out some of the other entries we received. 

A Cat Ate What?!

Matthew Schroeder
DVM Crossroads Veterinary Hospital
Painesville, Ohio

2014 X-Ray Contest Winners

The 2015 "They Ate What?!" Radiograph Contest Now Accepting Entries!

Animal hospitals in Texas, Florida and Oregon won Veterinary Practice News’ ninth annual radiograph contest, “They Ate WHAT?”

Pet insurer Trupanion of Seattle, Wash., sponsored the contest and will provide cash awards to support the uncompensated care these hospitals provide pets.

The first-place winner, Paws & Claws Animal Hospital of Plano, Texas, received $1,500, Gulf Breeze Animal Hospital in Gulf Breeze, Fla., won the $1,000 …

Too Many Veterinarians, or a Bubble Market?

Is our profession heading into a bubble market?

The Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics hosted a panel discussion titled “Oversupply: Issues and Ethics” during the annual convention of the American Association of Veterinary Medicine in July in Denver.

Panelists were Dennis McCurnin, DVM, Dipl. ACVS; James F. Wilson, DVM, J.D., of Priority Veterinary Management Consultants; Mark Cushing, J.D., a founding member of Animal Policy Group; Dennis Lawler, DVM; and Paul Pion, …