Making Enemies With A Porcupine

A veterinarian saves a dog’s life in this VPN Video of the Week.

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The Yukon can be an inviting, yet dangerous place for dogs. Just ask Cayenne, the dog who was curious about a porcupine. The creature must have looked interesting and unusual, perhaps a new playmate. Or maybe the porcupine appeared threatening, and he had to attack it. Either way, Cayenne’s curiosity resulted in hundreds of quills in his face and mouth. Seeing this poor animal in what was probably a great deal of pain is heartbreaking. He is covered in the porcupine’s defense – numerous quills that stick deep and are difficult to pull out.

His owner, seeing the predicament her beloved Cayenne was in, called on Michelle Oakley, BSc., DVM, also known as “Yukon Vet,” for help.

Watch as Dr. Oakley removes the quills, explains the dangers of such an attack to a dog and narrates her steps as she works to save Cayenne.

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