MSU Launches Chronic Diarrhea Dog Study

Mississippi State University College of Veterinary seeks dogs for study on chronic diarrhea.

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The Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine (MSU-CVM) is seeking local practitioners to participate in a new study designed to develop more practical and cost-effective methods of managing chronic diarrhea in dogs. These protocols, according to the college, are designed to be affordable for most pet owners and, whenever possible, to reduce the need for costly or invasive referral-level diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.

MSU-CVM researchers plan to recruit up to 50 dogs. To assist the veterinarian and owner in working up these patients, funding of $300 will be provided to the referring veterinarian. The funds are to help subsidize diagnostic and therapeutic management, according to the college.

The college anticipates that most typical cases will not require referral to MSU-CVM, and that the management of the patient will be covered in entirety at the veterinarian’s own practice.

A follow-up study will be available for those patients that do not improve with the given in-practice treatment protocols. Subsidization will be provided.

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