One of Those Days? How to Handle It

There will be stressful days at the veterinary clinic, but these tips will help you handle it in a productive way.

Try not to "eat your pain." It's not the best coping mechanism.

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Reprinted with permission from Smart Flow Sheet.

By now, you've definitely had one of THOSE days. The kind of day where everyone is late, everyone is grumpy, nothing is going the way it should and everything is most definitely only your fault.

You'd think it would only happen in a veterinary clinic, but trust me, it happens everywhere. Now I know what you're thinking, "You can keep your list! That bottle of red wine I'm going to pick up on my way home will fix anything!" But alas, being one of THOSE days, you will inevitably be getting out late and the store will already be closed. So, here are some alternatives.

1. Leaving Baggage at the Door 

We've all heard this one before. However, it is absolutely true. Leaving your baggage from home at the door before you walk in can give you the best focus on your day ahead. A bad day at home should not greatly impact your day at the vet clinic and vice versa.

It is just as important to get your frustrations from work out of the way as well, so you can  enjoy your family time. I usually ask my husband if I can vent quickly to him so I can move on. This is no more than a 10 minute conversation, then we move on and don't look back!

2. Make Time for a Break

While breaks are not always generously handed out, make it a point to take a breather from the day. A quick 15-minute break can help you focus by meditating or venting to your significant other. One of the best ways to get through a difficult day is to find support through words of encouragement.

A well-managed office will also recognize the need to take a breather and they should make every attempt to allow you the time to recuperate. 

3. Remember: This Too Shall Pass

The great thing about a day is that it does eventually end. Take comfort knowing that tomorrow is a new day. 

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4. There's an App For That

To shake off a bad day, you might just need relief in the form of technology. There's literally thousands of apps that can distract you from a bad day.

Lately, I've been hooked on Words With Friends, Trivia Crack and downloading workout apps for the gym. 

5. Be Mindful of Coping Mechanisms

A stressful day can also have serious adverse effects with regard to coping. Be sure you are not taking your stress out on other people, patients or food.

For me, I find comfort in food and need to remind myself that no amount of donuts will fix my feelings. No matter how hard I try, extra unhealthy food will just end up making me feel even worse. 

In the end, no one is immune from having one of those days. You will bounce back and you will survive. Just be sure you do not add more stress from home life to work and be aware of how you do cope with situations. 

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