TGen, Ethos develop diagnosis test for canine lymphoma

ePARR is said to be more than 90 percent accurate across sample types

A new test may assist veterinarians in more accurately diagnosing canine lymphoma.

Developed by Ethos Veterinary Health, Ethos Discovery, and the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), the test is based on the results of a study that analyzed 180 dogs with cancer.

The teams used their test, ePARR, to confirm first whether the dogs in the study had lymphoma and then determined what type they had. Results indicate the test was more than 90 percent accurate among a range of lymphoma sample types.

“An ongoing need exists for robust validation of molecular diagnostics in veterinary medicine. This study is an example of exhaustive validation of one such molecular test,” says Will Hendricks, PhD, assistant professor in TGen’s Integrated Cancer Genomics Division and one of the study’s senior coauthors. “Overall, ePARR is more than 90 percent accurate across sample types and diagnostic settings.”

The researchers say not only could molecular-level investigations into dog DNA improve the health of dogs with cancer, but it could help understand cancer in humans, too.

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