How are you triaging patients in this “new normal”?

AVMA has published a new resource to help animal health professionals quickly decide whether or not immediate treatment is needed

When practicing in today’s minimal-contact climate, determining which patients require in-person examination is critical to minimizing risk and protecting staff members and clients.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has published a new triage resource to help veterinary teams identify whether a case is urgent and to determine when in-person examinations are necessary.

Along with a flowchart with recommendations for managing cases of all levels of urgency, the resource includes sample questions to help judge severity, including:

  • Is treatment necessary to preserve the animal’s life?
  • Is the animal experiencing serious pain that affects its health, welfare, and/or safety?
  • If not treated now, could the animal develop significant health or welfare issues that would become life-threatening, cause irreversible harm, or interrupt or jeopardize the safety of the food supply?

To access the resource, click here.

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