What Veterinary Practice News readers loved in 2017

Find out what top 10 stories mattered the most this year

Another new year is upon us, but before we embrace 2018 and all it might have to offer veterinary professionals and the industry, let’s recap Veterinary Practice News’  10 most-read features of 2017.

1. Canine influenza virus 2017: Beyond two show dogs

2. 10 secrets to keep your veterinary nurses happy

3. University of Minnesota develops cancer drug that helps dogs with hemangiosarcoma

4. Study: Cats eating dry food have increased risk for developing Type 2 diabetes

5. Zoetis earns license for Cytopoint skin therapy

6. Raising greyhound health awareness

7. American Association of Feline Practitioners revises declawing position

8. The 7 top challenges facing veterinary medicine in 2017

9. Petco officially enters the veterinary hospital ring with Thrive

10. The strangest things vet techs have heard clients say

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