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Wildlife, Exotic Animal Medicine Symposium to be Held in April

The symposium will be held at the University of California, Davis.

Interceptor Heartworm Drug Returns Under Elanco

Discontinued by Novartis, Interceptor should be available this spring under new owner Elanco.

Idexx Unveils Kidney Test Breakthrough

A test being added to Idexx profiles may identify the onset of kidney disease about 17 months sooner in cats and dogs.

Henry Schein to Purchase Scil Animal Care

Veterinary products distributor Scil is scheduled to merge with Henry Schein Animal Health in the second quarter of 2015.

New Program Helps Care for Pets after Owners Pass

The program, Pet Promise, is a joint effort between the Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine and the Oregon Humane Society.

Ohio State Helps Police Dog with Orthopedic Surgery

The Malinois German shepherd is reportedly doing well after having surgery for hip dysplasia.

Study: Toxoplasmosis in Northeastern Ohio Deer Population Hits 60%

Free-roaming cats are the likely source of the parasitic disease.

How WVC is Expanding the Brand

If you can't make the Western Veterinary Conference, its new On the Road CE course may come to you.

Aja Takes Over as Banfield Chief Medical Officer

The retirement of Dr. Jeffrey Klausner opened a spot for Dr. Daniel Aja.

Drug Maker Putney Celebrates Regulatory Successes

Portland, Maine, company has won five FDA approvals of generic animal drugs over the past five months.

Colorado’s Research Day to be Held Jan. 31

The symposium, hosted by Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, is free and open to all members of the college community.

Study: Cancer Patients Benefit From Therapy Dogs

A first-of-its-kind investigation documented the impact of animal-assisted therapy on adult cancer patients.

College Vet Bess Pierce Receives Bustad Award

Award winner Bess Pierce is director of the Virginia-Maryland Center for Animal-Human Relationships.

It’s Back to Work for AVMA Lobbyists

Knocking on doors in Washington can pay off when veterinary matters are at hand, but not all efforts are successful.

Dogs Can’t Hide Feelings From Scientists

Purina researchers use thermal imaging to measure excitement levels in dogs during contact with people.

Pet Pledge Day Raises Funds for Animal-Assisted Therapy

A community partnership helped raise $1,000 for Human-Animal Bond in Tennessee, an outreach program at the University of Tennessee.

MSU’s Patterson Captures National Teaching Award

Dr. Jon Patterson will be honored in March at the AAVMC annual conference.

4 E-Collar Makeovers

Clients help their pets heal in style.

VCA Hospitals to Promote Trupanion Insurance

Trupanion is VCA’s preferred vendor for medical insurance covering cats and dogs.

Veterinary Distributor MWI Selling for $2.5 Billion

MWI Veterinary Supply is likely to be purchased by a leading distributor of human pharmaceuticals.

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