5 ways to win over your veterinary clients

Provide great customer service with these tips

It’s not surprising that many veterinary professionals feel more comfortable around pets than people. However, let’s face it: We are in a customer service field and we need to take care of the human counterpart of the equation just as much as the animal part. It can be a struggle for some us, but here are some key ways to win over your veterinary clients.

1. Always Kill Them With Kindness

This is my No. 1 go-to response for an angry or rude client. It is difficult to be upset with someone when they kill you with kindness. Even if they continue to be upset, you end up walking away feeling better yourself.

It might be very difficult to master, especially when you are being called dirty names or accused of doing something you are completely innocent of. Remember, the less combative you are, the more likely you can reach a resolution faster.

2. Try to Dig Deep to Find the Source of a Problem

Sometimes a client’s issue is not everything you are seeing on the surface. Although you may not necessarily want to dig into the root issue, understand that emotions can be escalated for various unseen reasons. Many upset or unreasonable clients are dealing with much more than we could ever see. The less you take it personally, the better off you will be.

3. Go Beyond the Pet

Normally, we are the kind of people that are great at making sure the pet is well taken care of during an exam or procedure. Oftentimes, however, we forget about who is at the other end of the leash.

You can wow your clients by simply offering them water on a hot day or a tissue box when they start sneezing. You may even consider having crayons and a coloring sheet for kids who come along for the appointment. Involving the entire family can make for an excellent experience.

4. Share the Load

Your clients lead busy lives, so why not take some of the pressure off by sending them reminders when their pets are due for a visit? A quick email reminder will help your clients remember to schedule their pets on time for things like vaccines, blood work or follow-up care.

5. Ask for Feedback

If you are not sure how well your clinic is winning over your clients, then simply ask. You can provide an easy survey to fill out or ask for an online review. It is difficult to improve your standard of care if you do not have proper feedback.

These are just five ways you can provide your clients with exceptional service. It can be the little things that make all the difference. Get creative and see if there is something more you can be doing at your clinic to add to the overall experience of your clients.

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