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Photo courtesy Kendra Freeman


A six-year-old male neutered border collie presents for soft, fluctuant swelling in the cervical region.


1) Which salivary gland(s) are involved in a cervical sialocele?

a) Mandibular

b) Parotid

c) Sublingual

d) Mandibular and sublingual


2) The most common cause of salivary mucoceles is:

a) Sialadenitis

b) Trauma

c) Foreign body

d) Idiopathic


3) Which of the following is correct regarding preferred treatment for a cervical sialocele?

a) Marsupialization has a good long-term prognosis

b) Medical management with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories is the preferred treatment

c) Surgical excision has a low recurrence rate

Check your answers on page 2.

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