Cat nutrition, behavior unpacked with help of kitten advocate

Royal Canin has partnered with Hannah “Kitten Lady” Shaw for its feline educational show, “Catology”

Hannah “Kitten Lady” Shaw.
Hannah “Kitten Lady” Shaw.

Educating cat owners and caretakers on feline-related health issues is the goal of Royal Canin’s ongoing Catology series.

The pet nutrition company has launched an eight-episode installment hosted by kitten advocate and internet personality, Hannah Shaw (a.k.a. Kitten Lady). Each episode features a feline expert to explore issues related to cat behavior, shelter medicine, disaster preparedness, and more.

“Caring about cats means staying curious about all the issues that impact them—from veterinary care, to nutrition, to behavior,” Shaw says.

“With so much to learn, I’m thrilled to be bringing together leading experts whose knowledge can help us make the world a better place for cats. Whether you’re a guardian wanting to learn about managing your cat’s health, or a volunteer wanting to make a bigger difference for shelter cats, this series truly has something for everyone. My goal is to empower people to constantly grow in their curiosity and awareness so we can build a more cat-friendly and compassionate society.”

“Royal Canin and Hannah Shaw are bringing this exciting cat education series to consumers across the country in hopes more pet owners will keep feline health, wellness, and nutrition at the top of their minds,” adds Anthony Wild, cat acceleration director of Royal Canin USA. “We are striving to make sure cat health is continuously seen as a priority and believe this will bring the cat community closer to that goal.”

New episodes of the series, “Catology Presents: Kitten Lady and Friends,” will be released every Saturday until Sept. 19. To check it out, click here.

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